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SAP Fiori Launchpad App Manager Tool Available for SAP S/4HANA 2020

The new launchpad app manager tool has been released for SAP S/4HANA 2020 (with SAP_UI 755 SP01 and SAP Fiori Front-End Server 2020 for SAP S/4HANA) on October 7th, 2020. The tool was previously called mass maintenance tool for app descriptors and got renamed due to its extended feature scope. Superseding the launchpad designer and complementing the launchpad content manager, it will be the main configuration tool to set up and maintain technical catalogs and launchpad app descriptor items.

From Mass Maintenance Tool for App Descriptors to SAP Fiori Launchpad App Manager

Up until now, you probably used the launchpad designer to maintain tiles and target mappings and the mass maintenance tool for app descriptors to create and assign launchpad app descriptor items for classic UIs that exist in the back-end server. You can now do all of this in one central tool, the new SAP Fiori launchpad app manager, which is essentially an extended version of the mass maintenance  tool.

For an overview of our design time tools for maintaining launchpad content, please refer to this blog post.

From now on, we recommend you use the launchpad app manager to explore and maintain technical catalogs, which then can be referenced in custom business catalogs to set up SAP Fiori launchpad content. Besides performing mass changes, here’s what you can do in the launchpad app manager:

  • Explore existing technical catalogs and their content created in the launchpad app manager
  • Maintain technical catalogs
  • Maintain launchpad app descriptor items

What is a launchpad app descriptor item? A launchpad app descriptor item is a new entity that was introduced alongside the new tool. It consists of a target mapping and, depending on the app type, of one or multiple tiles. A technical catalog can contain multiple launchpad app descriptor items.


Launching the Launchpad App Manager 

The launchpad app manager can be accessed in the configuration scope CONF.

You access the web browser application by using the SAP GUI transaction /UI2/FLPAM or by following this path in Customizing (transaction SPRO): SAP NetWeaver > UI Technologies > SAP Fiori Setting Up Launchpad Content > Setting Up Technical Catalogs  > Manage Technical Catalogs with SAP Fiori Launchpad App Manager.

Catalog Types in the Launchpad App Manager

Something worth mentioning at this point is the new catalog type which you need to maintain depending on your system setup. You can maintain your catalog type in Customizing by following this path: SAP NetWeaver > UI Technologies > SAP Fiori Setting Up Launchpad Content > Setting Up Technical Catalogs  >  Maintain Allowed Catalog Types for Launchpad App Manager.

For an Embedded Deployment scenario, we recommend maintaining catalog type standard.

For a Hub Deployment scenario, we recommend allowing catalog type standard on the front-end server. In the back-end system, leave the table empty.

If you create a new catalog in the launchpad app manager and the catalog type standard has been maintained, a catalog with the corresponding UIAC object will be created. If no catalog type has been maintained (as recommended for the back-end server), the catalogs that you create have no corresponding UIAC object. This also decides on which entry page you start when you launch the tool.

A UIAC object is a dev object that is newly introduced to represent the technical catalog as a logical grouping for launchpad app descriptor items.

Update (01/04/2021): Next to the customizing table for catalog types, there is also one for app types. Here, we recommend leaving the table empty in an Embedded Deployment scenario. Thus, all app types would be allowed. In a Hub Deployment scenario, we recommend defining the list as shown in the picture above.

Exploring Launchpad Content

Once you launched the tool, you either start in the search view or in the catalog entry view which – you guessed – depends on whether you have maintained the catalog type Standard or not. In the top left corner, you can switch between these views and switch to a facet filter to explore the content.


Search view in the launchpad app manager


In the search view, you can search for the following entities on the respective tabs:

  • Catalogs
  • Launchpad App Descriptor Items
  • Tiles

On the Catalogs tab, you have the option to create a new technical catalog or change the catalog title. You can also directly jump into a catalog and make further changes to the related content.  Instead of searching for a catalog, you can also search for specific launchpad app descriptor items or tiles. Simply switch to the relevant tab and directly access the catalog that the entity you are looking for is in.

If you are used to the old view, you can of course still use it. Simply click Switch to Catalog Entry in the upper left corner.


Catalog entry view in the launchpad app manager


In this view, you can either open an existing catalog or create a new technical catalog by entering a unique catalog ID.

Maintaining Launchpad Content

Once you open a technical catalog, you can

  • Create app descriptor items
  • Copy launchpad app descriptor items to another catalog
  • Edit existing launchpad app descriptor items

The catalog view consists of two panes. In the upper pane, you can see a list of existing launchpad app descriptor items. When you select a specific one, you see more related information in the lower pane, such as additional fields to the target mapping as well as corresponding tiles and parameters.


Edit mode when entering a technical catalog in the launchpad app manager


Be sure to check out the documentation on the SAP Help Portal where you will find a detailed description on how to create launchpad app descriptor items. You will also find more information about the available fields: Maintaining Launchpad App Descriptor Items.


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      Author's profile photo Vincent Lee
      Vincent Lee

      Hi Annette,

      Internal system I am on SAPU_UI 755 SP03 (FES 2020 FPS02);

      Are there later patch or releases that allow the extra buttons to Duplicate / Copy from Other Catalog / Mass Changes?

      In my Fiori App Manager, I only see the Translate button, but no the other ones listed above 🙁 which means I can't fully explore the /UI2/FLPAM features currently.



      Vincent (SAP CoE)

      Author's profile photo Katja Ohliger
      Katja Ohliger

      Hi Vincent,

      our development system has the function since SP01 - which system are you using?

      Best regards, Katja

      Author's profile photo Guru Balan
      Guru Balan


      Is there any possible way to use the GUI app in SAP S/4 Hana Cloud !

      E.g. Change Purchase Requisition tile not available in cloud.

      Previously we can call the GUI screen by fiori launchpad designer. But not it's also not possible in cloud.

      Author's profile photo Marek Barwicki
      Marek Barwicki

      Hello Guru,

      the Launchpad App Manager is an on-premise tool only.

      In S/4HANA Cloud you should use the tools provided by Identity and Access Management to manage roles, catalogs etc. You get access to these apps when logging on as Administrator.

      Best regards




      Author's profile photo Guru Balan
      Guru Balan

      Hi Marek Barwicki,

      Thanks for the response.

      In SAP cloud we can create custom business role with available catalog through IAM.

      But it seems there is no option to create custom catalog. without that we can't add the additional fiori apps. i.e. Change PR (which is not available in cloud)

      Best Regards,

      Guru Balan.

      Author's profile photo Marek Barwicki
      Marek Barwicki

      Hello Guru,


      you are right, in S/4HANA Cloud you cannot create your own catalogs. Only use the existing catalogs delivered by SAP.

      Best regards


      Author's profile photo Guru Balan
      Guru Balan

      Hello Marek,

      It's quite difficult to understand the new changes in Rise with SAP.

      Can you pls share any doc or blog regarding custom tile creation in SAP Public cloud. it'll really helpful for me.

      By the way Happy belated new year wishes to you and your family.


      Best Regards,

      Gurumoorthy Balan.

      Author's profile photo Christian Hochwarth
      Christian Hochwarth

      Hello Guru,


      here are some remarks to your questions.
      1) Application Change Purchase Requisition is also available in SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition. See here.

      2) In case functionality is missing, you can check whether it has been requested already or request it by yourself following SAP Customer Influence programs (look for SAP S/4HANA Cloud).

      3) If you're looking for ways to extend and integrate your SAP S/4HANA Cloud, you'll find valuable information here.


      I hope I could help.


      Best regards,



      Author's profile photo Ralph Boehme
      Ralph Boehme

      Hi Annette,

      thanks for the Blog! You write: "The launchpad app manager can be accessed in the configuration scope CONF."

      Is this done by default? Are technical catalogs that I create there always in CONF scope?

      Best regards,


      Author's profile photo Katja Ohliger
      Katja Ohliger

      Hello Ralph,

      yes, technical catalogs and app descriptor items you create are in CONF scope. In the meantime, the app manager offers the possibility to adapt some fields of the SAP delivered content (mainly texts, device types). This would be done by switching to 'adaptation mode'.

      Best regards, Katja

      Author's profile photo Kamila Tukhlinovych
      Kamila Tukhlinovych


      It is known that catalogs created in the Launchpad Designer are not shown in the App Manager. Any tips on how to better transition from one tool to the other and avoid manual rework of all the catalogs?

      Best regards,


      Author's profile photo Marek Barwicki
      Marek Barwicki

      Hello Kamila, 

      such tool is on the roadmap for S/4HANA 2023 FPS01:  Support for migration of existing customer technical catalogs to benefit from advanced launchpad tools

      For the time being we do recommend to use the App Manager for new Fiori launchpad content and the Launchpad Designer for existing content created with the Launchpad Designer.

      If you are on S/4HANA 2022 or plan to upgrade please also consider using the new adaptation feature in the App Manager: Adapting Launchpad App Descriptor Items

      Best regards