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Integration of SAP UI5/FIORI apps with SAP SuccessFactor

Hi All,

This blog post is regarding integrating the SAP UI5/FIORI app with SAP SuccessFactors. I was working on a project where some custom application was needed to achieve a task which was not possible by SuccessFactors alone. The solution was to make a custom UI5 app and deploy it as a tile within SuccessFactors with navigation to external URL which will make this task possible. I have gone through lots of blogs to accomplish this. But unfortunately, there is no complete blog to achieve this task. Somehow, I was able to complete this task. I will take you through the steps involve in achieving this task.



SuccessFactors come with API Centre which has OData API Data Dictionary  where you will find the entities of all the SuccessFactors modules. My requirement was to use the RCM Module of SuccessFactors and use JobApplication, JobRequistion & OfferLetter  entities in my read & insert operation.


  • SAP Cloud Platform account with SAP WEB IDE
  • SAP SuccessFactors API Centre Access
  • Provision to create/update data in SuccessFactors from OData API


API Centre



Step1: Add details of your SuccessFactors system in SCP destinations as below



SCP Destinations



Note: User field in destinations has to be in the form of User@CompanyID


Step2: Get all the required Integration permissions in SuccessFactors Admin Centre


Permissions in Admin Centre

Step3: Get the required entities from OData API Data Dictionary and Check which operations are supported for that particular entity Eg. Query, Insert, Merge, Replace, Upsert, Delete.



OData API Data Dictionary


Step4:  Add below code in controller of UI5 app  for Query (Read) operation.


Step5:  Add below code in controller of UI5 app for Insert (POST) Operation


Insert(POST) operation

Note: Pass all the mandatory (sap: required) values in the payload, otherwise you will get an error. You can check which fields are mandatory in sap: required column in OData API Data Dictionary. Likewise, you can perform all the operations also like Upsert, Merge, Delete etc.

Step6: Deploy your application to SAP Cloud Platform and copy the app URL generated and create a custom Tile on SuccessFactors using Manage Home Page option and Paste app URL in navigation tab


ManageHome Page in SuccessFactors


Click on Add Custom Tile


Paste your URL in Navigation tab

Save your changes !!

Note: You can check error logs in OData API Audit Logs in API Centre, if you face any issue while performing any operation.

I hope this blog post will be useful for the developers trying to integrate SuccessFactors with UI5/FIORI apps. Please provide your valuable feedback if you find this blog post helpful.



Jayesh Kulkarni






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