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Handling of Legacy Fields in SAP S/4HANA

When working with custom fields and specially legacy fields in SAP S/4HANA, there is a transaction to use it is called SAP GUI Transaction SCFD_EUI. I would like to share with you that our development team has put together a nice technical document that explains and answer most of the common questions and as well explain the usage of SAP GUI Transaction SCFD_EUI. To find all the details about it, please refer to our WIKI document: Handling of Legacy Fields in SAP S/4HANA

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  • Tank you Ali for sharing.

    This is critical information, that I assume 99,99% of all new S/4 projects are not aware about it.

    I think it will take years, until project managers and developers will get this together and start using the extension framework actively also for legacy custom fields.

  • Dear Ali,

    have you ever tried to copy & paste the SQL queries provided in the PDF? Unfortuntately all spaces are lost when doing so. Maybe you could create a wiki page that provides the statements. Also a blog supports nice formatting. I created for example this report to find the business context for a given table:

    REPORT z_find_bus_context_for_table.
    DATA: tabname LIKE dd03l-tabname.
    SELECT-OPTIONS: so_tab FOR tabname.
    SELECT business_context FROM cfd_w_bus_ctxt
      INNER JOIN dd03l ON dd03l~precfield = cfd_w_bus_ctxt~persistence_include
      INNER JOIN dd02l ON dd02l~tabname = dd03l~tabname
      WHERE dd02l~tabclass = 'TRANSP'
      AND dd03l~tabname IN @so_tab
      AND cfd_w_bus_ctxt~persistence_include IS NOT INITIAL
      INTO TABLE @DATA(lt_table_names).
    LOOP AT lt_table_names ASSIGNING FIELD-SYMBOL(<fs_table_name>).
      WRITE: / <fs_table_name>-business_context.