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Author's profile photo Ankitkumar Kaneri

All About Password Related issues in SAP Cloud for Customer(C4C) and SAP Business ByDesign(BYD)

In SAP Cloud for Customer(C4C) & SAP Business ByDeisgn(BYD), we have list of users and sometimes they face issues of not able to access the C4C & BYD test and production tenants for various reasons like Business/End Users will be locked, when the user has left the company & manually locked by the Administrator/Key user. OR The validity of the user is expired, hence the system will automatically lock the user OR , Multiple logon attempts, Forgot password.

To fix this issue we have below some scenarios which will guide you on how to get issue to be fixed and these are more generic issues.

Scenario 1: Key User Request to Resend the Initial User ID credentials(Initial User ID & Password).

  • Forgot Password functionality will not work for Initial User ID.
  • Initial User ID and Password will only be reset and resent by SAP Only via Incident.
  • Customer/Partner has to create incident to SAP Product Support with the below details:
    • Customer Name:
    • Customer ID:
    • Tenant URL:
    • IT contact maintained in the system/contract (Optional):
  • We will validate and send the Initial Credentials to the maintained IT Contacts in Service Control Center work center.
Note: Initial User Password is only valid for 30 days. Initial user gets locked after 30 days.

Scenario 2: Admin/Key User/Business User Password Lock.

  • Key Users can Lock & Unlock password from their end for the other Admin/Key user from their end.
  • Follow the below steps to unlock password of the user:
    • Go to Administration/Application and User Management work center.
    • Select view User and Access Management and sub-view Business Users.
    • Select the User and click on Unlock User (If the password is locked, unlock button will be enabled, if not Unlock button will be greyed out).
    • Once the password lock has been removed, you can then inform the user to log in with the same credentials which he/she normally uses to login to the system.
NOTE: A Key User is a user who have access to the Application User and Management work center and incidents View are called key user.

Scenario 3: Admin/Key User password reset for another Admin/Key/Business user Password.

  • Key users can perform the following steps to reset the password of the Admin/Key/Business user.
    1. Go to Application and User Management work center.
    2. Select view User and Access Management and sub-view Business Users
    3. Select the User and click on Edit Attributes
    4. Click on Actions & Click on Generate Password
    5. Click on Save
    6. Email will be sent to the Email ID maintained for that user, with the new password
    7. Go to login page input the User ID and Password which you have received in the Email
    8. Change password
    9. Continue to use the system

Scenario 4: Customer/Partner Request SAP to Reset the password for the Business User.

  • Kindly ask the End user to get in touch with the Key user to get the password reset. OR they can use the forgot password functionality to reset the password from themselves.
Note: SAP will never reset password for End/Business User Password.

Scenario 5: Admin/Key/Business User can Reset their own password with the standard functionality.

  • Users has to use the self-service “Forgot Password” functionality in the login page/screen.To reset password with the forgot password functionality please follow the below steps:
    1. Go to login page of the tenant
    2. Input your user ID and click on Forgot Password
    3. A new pop up screen will prompt asking you to enter Email ID
    4. Input Email ID and click on Submit
    5. You will receive an Email with the passcode
    6. Input the passcode and click on submit.
    7. Password will be displayed in the new pop up window
    8. Login again with the new password and reset accordingly
Note: If the Forgot Functionality is not working request you to create incident to SAP Product Support team so that concerned team will assist you on this issue.

Further you can refer the below links:

SAP Business ByDesign Support Guide for Key Users and End Users

SAP Cloud for Customer Support Guide for Key Users and End Users


Ankit K

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      Author's profile photo Srikanth Y
      Srikanth Y

      @Ankit, is there a way we can remove the setting to lock the password for C4C Technical users if invalid password attempts are made, as this is a Technical user used for integrations we should avoid disruption to the services if there is some system/individual trying to access the same user account but with invalid password.

      Author's profile photo IMAD HADDOUR

      Hello Srikhanth,

      Please did you find an answer to this question ? we are facing the same situation and would like to know if there's a way to remove the setting to lock the password for a C4C user.


      Author's profile photo Srikanth Yelakaturu
      Srikanth Yelakaturu

      Hi Imad,

      Nope, instead we are now moving from Password authentication to Certificate based authentication with Technical users. From a security perspective as well it is better to move away from password based authentication.

      Hope that helps.



      Author's profile photo Ankitkumar Kaneri
      Ankitkumar Kaneri
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Srikanth,

      The Technical Users which are owned by the customer can be locked or unlocked by following the path Administrator -> General Settings -> Support and Technical User -> Select User which is owned by Customer -> Click on the Lock button on Unlock button.


      Ankit K

      Author's profile photo k busch
      k busch

      In the scenario that the Administator resets a user's password to his own chosen password, up until now no automatic mail was sent to the user.

      Now it seems that since the latest release the users gets an automatic email with the text like:

      "Your password has been changed for SAP Cloud for Customer.

      The temporary password is valid for 160 day(s)."

      This email wasn't sent before the current 2108 release. Is this a new 'feature'? Since the 'real' password needs to be sent manually anyway, we would like to suppress this mail, is this possible?

      Author's profile photo Ankitkumar Kaneri
      Ankitkumar Kaneri
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Busch,

      As per the analysis, it may not be possible to suppress these password change Emails, however we are exploring the options. Once we find the exact details, will incorporate same in the Blog or in a comments.


      Ankit K

      Author's profile photo Jiyeon Yoo
      Jiyeon Yoo

      Dear Ankit K,

      Thanks for the good post.

      In the case of Scenario 5, is only the email registered in the User ID information in byd allowed? Or any email address?

      I entered the e-mail registered to the ID to find the PW, but I could not receive the security code.





      Author's profile photo Ankitkumar Kaneri
      Ankitkumar Kaneri
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Jiyeon,

      You should enter the Email ID which is maintained for the Business User should be entered while you are resetting the password with the forgot password functionality.

      There might be multiple reasons, why the passcode is not set and this needs investigation from your end and our end as well if the issue still exists please report an incident for the same.

      FYI: If the same Email ID is maintained for multiple users passcode will not be sent.


      Ankit K