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Know-how to set-up documented emails sent automatically to business partners for SAP S/4HANA Cloud Essentials

With the SAP S/4HANA Cloud Output Management framework, we can automatically send configured application documents (i.e. Purchase order, Billing document, Payment receipt, etc.) in PDF format to business partners via e-mail.

Sending emails require defining allowed email domains, as well as sender and recipient email addresses. The purpose of this blogpost is to define the technical setup for sending emails. There’s also the option to create custom email templates to define a custom email subject and body based on the SAP- delivered templates.

Some necessary prerequisites before the technical setup procedure include-

  • The Output Management (1LQ) scope item is active. To check this, go to the Manage Your Solution app and go to View Solution Scope.
  • The User should have access to Manage your solution & Output parameter determination app.

Setting up email

First step – Define an Email Sender Domain

In business communication, it’s expected that the readable email header contains addresses from a customer’s email domain or domains. In this setting, you can define which domain is allowed in the readable email header. You may also specify a list of domains if multiple domains are allowed.



  • Log on to the SAP Fiori launchpad.
  • Choose Manage Your Solution à Configure Your Solution.
  • Enter Define Email Sender Domain in the Search Input Text smart field, and choose Enter.
  • In the Define Email Sender Domain row, choose Configure.
  • Choose New Entries and maintain your Sender Domain Name(s).
  • Choose Save and exit.

Second step – Define default email sender address

Generally, the output control functionality determines a sender email address and adds it to the email header. Within this setting, we may define a default sender address if no sender address has been determined.



  • Log on to the SAP Fiori launchpad.
  • Choose Manage Your Solution Configure Your Solution.
  • Enter Define Default Email Sender Address in the Search Input Text smart field, and choose Enter.
  • In the Define Email Sender Domain row, choose Configure.
  • Maintain the Default Sender Address field and the Visual Name field.


Field Value
Default Sender Address
Visual Name SAP Webservice URL Do not reply

  • Choose Save and exit.

Third Step – Determine email recipients

The default email address of the recipient is set by the business application, which decides the source of this email address. For example, it could be read from a master data address or from a document address. Output Control uses this email address always as TO address. You can’t define this address as CC or BCC. Currently, only one email address is possible.

In this step, we’re defining the usage of the default email address and one additional email address for the output.


  • On the SAP Fiori launchpad, choose Output Parameter Determination app.
  • On the Output Parameter Determination screen, on the Select Business Rules tab, select an application.

In this example, Purchase Order is selected as an application. You can select any other option.

  • Under Determination Step, select Email Recipient from the list.
  • On the Maintain Business Rules tab, choose Edit.
  • On the Table Contents tab, enter a value in the Email Type Code field, for example TO.
  • On the Email Address field, open the dropdown list and choose Select Expressions.
  • As search criteria, set Application Name to OPD_APOC_SYSTEM and Expression Type to Constant.
  • Choose Search.
  • Select the object Default Email Address and choose OK.
  • Your business rule will now pick up the default email address from the application as TO address.
  • You can add an additional email addresses.
  • To save your changes, choose Activate.
  • Make sure that the activation has run successfully.

Now, you’ve successfully modified the email recipient determination. For further information related to setting up emails or customizing form templates, please refer below mention links.

Hope this information is useful. Feel free to post your queries here.

For more information on SAP S/4HANA Cloud, check out the following links:

· Best practices for SAP S/4HANA Cloud here

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      Author's profile photo Vijayendra Tiwari
      Vijayendra Tiwari

      Thanks for sharing!

      Author's profile photo Marissa Ren
      Marissa Ren

      Good to learn.

      Author's profile photo Sandeep Kumar
      Sandeep Kumar

      Thanks for sharing.

      Author's profile photo Ralph Abraham
      Ralph Abraham

      Thanks for posting this.

      You state that we "may specify a list of domains if multiple domains are allowed."

      We are a group of companies using a single S4HC instance. We have three sales companies.

      Is it possible to configure S4 such that customer invoices can be auto-emailed to customers, and have the from address be based on which of our sales companies the invoice is from?

      For example, if it is from sales company A, we would want the from address to automatically be If it's from company B, it would come from

      Given that these emails will be coming from a server that is not registered as a sending server for the email domains in the from addresses in the outgoing emails, what has been the spam situation? Do S4HC customers find that many of the documents auto-emailed from S4HC end up in spam folders?

      Thanks again.

      Author's profile photo Vaishnavi Walokar
      Vaishnavi Walokar

      Hi Pawan Gehlot,


      Thanks for sharing the information.

      I have read your blog and it is quiet helpful. I have done all the configuration but still not able to send the auto-email. By default it is using "" domain for "To". Pease further guide on this.


      Please check "From"


      Thanks in Advance !

      Author's profile photo Mouna Andre
      Mouna Andre

      Dear Pawan Gehlot,

      Thank you for the Blog it's very helpful.

      I'm trying to add a visual name for several e-mail addresses used to send dunning documents.

      But in the SSCUI 101311-Default Email Sender Address, the new entry option is grayed out and I can't add several addresses

      Do you know another way of modifying the visual name of e-mail addresses in S/4hana cloud, please?

      Thank you in advance.

      Best regards,