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ADT Relation Explorer

When working with ABAP Development Tools (aka ABAP in Eclipse) you usually have to deal with many different development objects. These objects are stored in the ABAP Repository and are connected to each other in various ways. Sometimes it is difficult to see and understand all these relations.

In the video below you can see how our new tool, the ADT Relation Explorer can help you to explore relations between objects. The tool can currently be used for RAP business object overview, environment analysis, where-used overview and to see objects that are related to a certain CDS view. The video does not only show how the tool can be used, in fact it gives you also an impression about how the tool has been invented.


Now you’ve learned the basics of the ADT Relation Explorer and it’s time to give it a try. Start your IDE, open the Relation Explorer and try it for several objects. If you are already working with RAP business objects I recommend to use it for your CDS views and your behavior definitions.

For detailed information you can also read the documentation.

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  • Thanks for sharing.

    For me, your information delivery via a video, where the core idea and starting point is described and what the ideas behind the new tool have been is really a very cool way.

    Best regards,