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SAP S/4HANA 2020 Release Highlights

SAP S/4HANA 2020 is finally here! As unique as this year, the sixth release in a row of SAP’s digital core comes with a brand-new naming convention and is ready to take over the on-premise market. Despite all the challenges this year has brought to all of uswe have worked very hard to keep the promise of this new release. Many of you have certainly read Sven Denecken’s launch blog on SAP S/4 HANA 2020. I would like to add to it and share my perspective on our greatest highlights in this release. 

Watch me walk you through the main innovations in each Line of Business in my video below. 


SAP S/4HANA is designed to be the digital core of the intelligent enterprise and comes as an innovative, robust, and scalable core ERP. The intelligent ERP is defined by three principles and provides a hands-free ERP wherever possible: 

  1. A digital-age user experience: with the new Fiori 3 theme “Quartz” and “Conversational Design”, 
  2. Next-generation processes: we are rethinking the way business gets done though the smart junction of technology and innovation, 
  3. And automation: we are leveraging machine learning capabilities and robotic process automation in the standard ERP processes. 

intelligent ERP scenarios can be found in every Line of Business. SAP S/4HANA 2020 brings innovation to all of them: 

  • Finance, with improvements in Treasury Management and Financial Accounting, as well as the introduction of Revenue Accounting & Reporting to support a simpler and more streamlined process. Find out all about these innovations and more in Ulrich Hauke’s blog post. 
  • Sales, where we introduce Intelligent Product and Quantity Proposals as part of the improvements made for Order and Contract Management, and enhance the overall Billing process with never-before-seen preliminary billing documents to increase customer satisfaction. 

SAP S/4HANA 2020, new SAP Fiori app in Sales

  • Service Management, where we meet customers’ increasing expectations by delivering new apps for a streamlined In-House Repair process and facilitating regular maintenance with the ability to schedule and organize periodic services. 
  • Manufacturing and Supply Chain, with extended SAP Fiori apps for Predictive Material and Resource Planning and the Integration and TCO reduction on one side, and a never-before-seen delivery of extended Service Parts Planning and an advanced Available-to-Promise check method on the other. 
  • Transportation Management, with new interfaces for External Transportation Planning required for the exchange of transportation demand and consolidated load from the carrier. 
  • Logistics, where we have enhanced Extended Warehouse Management with a new pre-allocated stock process and a whole set of new SAP Fiori apps. 
  • Inventory Management, where we offer a new situation template for an increased automation and efficiency in Modern Driven Automation. 
  • R&D/Engineering, with the continuous improvement in Quality Management through standardized problem-solving functionalities. 
  • Product Compliance, where we deliver new content-based compliance requirements in Dangerous Goods Management.  
  • Sourcing & Procurement, with Individual Supplier Evaluation to measure the performance of their suppliers and the Lean Service Integration into SAP Ariba to reduce transactional costs and manual effort for our customers.  
  • Last but not least, Enterprise Risk & Compliance, where we now offer the SAP Watch List Screening application to ensure compliance within International Trade Management. 

Additionally, you will find key innovations in the following industries: 

  • Consumer Products, with the new Last Mile Distribution for Direct Distribution application, which is designed for manufacturers and suppliers of different consumer goods industries. 
  • Utilities, where the new Utilities Sales Contract Management feature enables you to see an overview with all relevant details and therefore facilitates processes in Sales Management for Energy and Water. 
  • Retail, with new Click-and-Collect scenarios boosting efficiency in Merchandise and Inventory and the new Store Merchandizing Cockpit improving your operational efficiency. 
  • Insurance, where we provide the Customer 360 app which helps you retrieve 360-degree information on insurance customers as part of Policy Processing. 

SAP S/4HANA 2020, new SAP Fiori app in Retail

This blog and video have given you a detailed overview about the highlights of SAP S/4HANA 2020, now it’s your time to go to the next level of information to smoothen your transition to SAP S/4HANA, the digital core of the intelligent ERP. 

Refer to SAP Road Maps to get information on recent and upcoming highlights in SAP’s portfolio and check out the SAP Transformation Navigator to get guidance on the digital enterprise. 

Where to find out more about SAP S/4HANA 2020: 

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      Author's profile photo Vivek Chaudhary
      Vivek Chaudhary


      Author's profile photo Yannick Peterschmitt
      Yannick Peterschmitt
      Blog Post Author

      Thank you Vivek, i am glad you find it useful.

      Author's profile photo Udit Kapoor
      Udit Kapoor

      Great work Yannick! Very informative, plain and simple.

      Author's profile photo Ravikumar Devendran
      Ravikumar Devendran

      Hello Yannick,

      Good Blog. But would like to know if there are any Process innovations from SAP that can ease the connect and communications between the Company (using S/4 HANA) with its Suppliers and Customers promptly instead of the our traditional EDI Integration approach, which involves complex set up involved and also the cost factor... Please share if you have any credentials in this space.

      Best regards,


      Author's profile photo Yannick Peterschmitt
      Yannick Peterschmitt
      Blog Post Author

      hallo Ravikumar

      thanks for your note.

      Actually, there is an offering for B2B Integration, called Integration Advisor.

      It’s basically a cloud- and crowd-based design time for creating and maintaining integration content.

      A few links:

      Hope this helps!

      best Yannick

      Author's profile photo Ravikumar Devendran
      Ravikumar Devendran

      Thanks Yannick for your quick response. How can we utilize this Integration Advisor for SAP S4 Cloud system? Is it available as a add-on to plug and use or please share if any other artifacts to make use of this Integration Advisor in SAP S4 HANA Cloud environment along with a Business Use case.

      Author's profile photo Utpal Roy
      Utpal Roy

      Informative and useful.

      Author's profile photo Yannick Peterschmitt
      Yannick Peterschmitt
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Utpal for your feedback.

      Author's profile photo Muthu Govindasamy
      Muthu Govindasamy

      Thanks Yannick for the updates

      Any industry specific Solution for CGS Industries in 2020 ?

      even Last mile stone DSD also not available with 2020.



      Author's profile photo Yannick Peterschmitt
      Yannick Peterschmitt
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Muthu, thanks for your feedback. On your question, this has been delivered with the latest Feature Pack Stack for SAP S/4HANA 2020, that included Last Mile Distribution.

      See the blog from Christian Vogler on the FPS1 shipment here.

      Best regards Yannick

      Author's profile photo Muthu Govindasamy
      Muthu Govindasamy

      Thanks Yannick

      FPS00 - it is not there.

      learnt from SAP that Last Mile Distribution (LMD) is a very new product recently released to customers with SAP S/4HANA 2020 OnPremise in a restricted mode.

      hope this is available in FPS1 on wards.

      Author's profile photo Yannick Peterschmitt
      Yannick Peterschmitt
      Blog Post Author

      Hello, you will find it in the FPS1, more information in the blog that i liked above, see here.  

      Hope this helps!

      Author's profile photo Ranjith RKC
      Ranjith RKC

      Thanks for sharing details.


      If Possible, Can you please share what are the features available for System point of view eg : Basis Side