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Author's profile photo Thorsten Watzke

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud: Workarounds to copy tables and views within a Space or bring them into other Spaces (2020.21.53.)

Initial situation:

In our project we get data from various systems into the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud and build the data models there, which are then used in the SAP Analytics Cloud.

In our SAP Data Warehouse Cloud Version it is not yet possible to copy views or tables within a space or also to move tables or views to another space. So, if you want to test a view for yourself without affecting the development environment, it must be recreated manually. Same if you want to move the model from one space to another, you also have to create new tables and views. This is very time consuming.

Therefore, we found a few workarounds to speed up this process. I would like to share this with you, perhaps it will help some of you in your work with the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud. We are working with SAP Data Warehouse Cloud Version 2020.21.53.

Helpful Workarounds:

Move a table or a view from one space to another

If you want to move e.g. a table from one space to another, you have to download the table as CSN File in the data builder:

In the target space you can import this table  also in the data builder by using an Entity Relationship Model (ERM). So, create a new Entity Relationship Model in the target space:

In this Entity Relationship Model (ERM), you can import the table you want to move to this space. So import the table that you have downloaded before:

Then choose the table you want to import and click on “import”:

You will now see the table in your Entity Relationship Model (ERM):

You can now click on the table and select “Open in Table Editor”:

First save your Entity Relationship Model (ERM):

In the Table Editor you can now save and deploy your imported table:

You will now find the imported table in the target space:

If you do not need the Entity Relationship Model any longer, you can delete it from your space.

This works the same way with views, where the underlying objects are also imported, and you can select which objects should also be imported.


Make a copy of a view within the same space

This also works via the Entity Relationship Model. So, download the view that you want to copy as CSN-File:

Now I want to create a copy of the view ZTEST_BuildingUnion -> ZTEST_BuildingUnionCopy. So open the downloaded CSN-File with NOTEPAD and replace SourceView with TargetView and save the .json-file.

Then open the Entity Relationship Model (ERM) and import the CSN-File:

You can now import a copy of the view in the same Space. But be careful, only mark the copy and apply it so that no existing objects are overwritten.


Change view assignment in a data model

One more workaround, that we found in our project is the is the exchange of a view in a data model, with certain restrictions. For example, you want to change the view assignment in ZTEST_BuildingMaster from ZTEST_Building1SQl to the table ZTEST_Building1:

That we can do by using a Union. But the view that we want to replace must have the same structure as the view to be replaced.

Open the view that we where we want to change the view assignment with the data builder:


If you are using the rename/exlude function here, you first have to delete it:

Now we look for the table/view that we want to use and create a union in the model:

After that you can delete the old assignment of ZTEST_Building1SQL

And also delete the Union condition. Then save and deploy the view.

We now have change the assigned view ZTEST_Building1SQL -> table ZTEST_Building1. If needed, you can now recreate the rename/exlude function.

We can now see the changes in our data model:



For us, these workarounds were very helpful in our project with the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, so we were able to create test views without affect ongoing developments (also in the SAP Analytics Cloud). Export / Import to another spaces was also very quick and very helpful.

Perhaps one or the other can also use this in their modeling.


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      Author's profile photo Yuliya Reich
      Yuliya Reich

      Great post, Thorsten! Thank you for sharing.

      Best regards,


      Author's profile photo Paul Vatter
      Paul Vatter

      hi Thorsten

      thanks... We usually use the copy button in the Files tile when we want to copy views within the same space...

      Best regards


      Author's profile photo Thorsten Watzke
      Thorsten Watzke
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Paul,

      this blog is from October 13, 2020, there was no copy button yet ....

      Best regards


      Author's profile photo Paul Vatter
      Paul Vatter

      hi Thorsten

      sure! Just wanted to add this as I found the blog (again) as item no 2 on 😉

      Best regards


      Author's profile photo Ismail Günay
      Ismail Günay

      Thorsten Watzke

      Thanks for your Post. Is it now possible to export more than one Table(or content in general) at once?

      Because if you want to export large amount of content it gets very lavish.


      Kind regards,


      Author's profile photo Sean Whelan
      Sean Whelan

      Great post,  This has just saved me hours of work.