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Author's profile photo Gitanjali Yerawar

How to Share/Deploy/Undeploy local BPM process using NWDS

This blog will provide step by step guide on how to Import/Export,Deploy/Undeploy BPM Process using NWDS and PO.

1)How to Export BPM Process/SC?

  • Open Development Infrastructure Perspective

window->Perspective->Open Perspective->Other->Development Infrastructure.

  • Open Component browser and select the SC and click on export
  • Select all development components and click on force build.

  • Click on next and do following configuration and press finish.

  • Please Wait until the export is done.

2)How to Import BPM Process/SC?

  • Go to Development Infrastructure-> component browser
  • Right click on Local Development and Import the SC.

  • Click on next button if you are importing existing SC otherwise just press finish.

  • Click next to import SC.

  • Open the imported SC and right click on process to create BPM project.

  • Now open the Process Development perspective to see the imported/created Processes.

3)How to Deploy BPM Process on PO server?

  • Open Process Development perspective and right click on BPM process

  • Click on Deploy it will do both Build and Deploy.

  • Enter the UserName and Password.

  • Open NWA to see the list of deployed process.

NWA->Configuration->Process and Tasks->Process Repository

4)How to Undeploy BPM Process from PO server?

  • Open Deployment perspective and go to Repository Explorer.
  • Right click on BPM process and press “Add to Undeploymet List”.

  • Go to Undeployment list and click on Start.

  • Open NWA to check the status of process.

Note: We can deploy/Undeploy BPM Process using NWDS/PO.

5)Deploy BPM process using PO.

  • Select the version and click on Active Button.

6)Undeploy BPM process using PO.

  • Select the version and click on Deactive All button.


  •  SAP Note 1809220 – How to export a DC

Hope this blog post will help you to understand how to share and manage local BPM Process.

Thank You !!

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      Author's profile photo Rajesh PS
      Rajesh PS

      Gitanjali Yerawar Good one. Saw your recent trending on SAP NWBPM 🙂

      Author's profile photo Gitanjali Yerawar
      Gitanjali Yerawar
      Blog Post Author

      Thank You Rajesh.

      Author's profile photo Rashmi Joshi
      Rashmi Joshi

      Hi @Gitanjali Yerawar ,


      Thanks for the blog, however, manytimes we get the project where BPM already deployed on PO server and we dont have BPM NWDS local files. In such cases, how to get the files, modify flows and re-deploy on PO server?





      Author's profile photo Rajesh PS
      Rajesh PS

      Good Question Rashmi ? In case of NWDS local development we need to be super cautious to export the sca files for every changes (with version management) which will be saved in local workspace of temp.export.

      Better option is always NWDI? wherein there is no need to export sca's and it would be a auto deployment. Only check-in and sync the process. That's the advantage in NWDI.



      Rajesh PS

      Author's profile photo Gitanjali Yerawar
      Gitanjali Yerawar
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Rashmi,

      As mentioned by Rajesh we have to be more careful if not using NWDI. whenever we deploy bpm flows/sca files to server, it will convert into some other format and it's very hard to decode/get it into original (sca) format. that's why we can not modify the deployed sca files.


      Best Regards,

      Gitanjali Yerawar.


      Author's profile photo Mark Bernabe
      Mark Bernabe

      Hi Gitanjali,

      I'm facing the same issue as Rashimi. I need to update some of the existing BPM processes which are already deployed. Unfortunately, there's no NWDI and no backup .sca files.I was only given workspace folders of the previous consultant.

      I downloaded NWDS 7.5 SP19, used the workspace folder that was provided, then got a warning saying the it was created in an older version and there maybe a compatibility issue. For now, I ignored it and continued.

      Now, in the Process Development perspective. All projects are showing up but when I try to open the process in Process Modelling, it throws an error "An internal error occurred during: "Create connection for XX".
      Not a Moin project: XX. This may happen during project creation, check whether you can fail gracefully in this case."



      Do let me know please if you have any tips to solve it. TIA!

      Author's profile photo Alessandro Guarneri
      Alessandro Guarneri

      Thanks for sharing this, very nice and useful.

      As somebody said, without NWDI everything can get a bit tricky, but there's always a way around it.

      Remember to do a Sync Used DCs just after the import, which will probably solve a lot of problems.