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Author's profile photo Andre Fischer

OData V4 Service Catalog

Recently there was a question in the Q&A section where to find the OData V4 service catalog.

Since it was Gregor Wolf who asked this question it was obvious that this information is not easy to spot and searching in Google only produced Gregor’s question at the time of writing of this blog though the catalog service is briefly mentioned in the documentation here: Service Catalog but this entry is not delivered by Google.

In order to get a list of all services you can use the following URI:


… but you might get the following error message if the V4 catalog service is not published yet.

-error: {
code: "/IWBEP/CM_V4_COS/014"
message: "Service group '/IWFND/CONFIG' not published"
@SAP__common.ExceptionCategory: "Configuration_Error"
-@SAP__common.Application: {
ServiceRepository: ""
ServiceId: ""
ServiceVersion: "0000"

In order to publish the OData V4 catalog service you have to use transaction /n/IWFND/V4_ADMIN which looks like follows if the service group /IWFND/CONFIG is already published.

If you don’t see it here then you have to use the Publish Service Groups button which will open the following screen where you have to provide LOCAL as the System Alias and search for the service group /IWFND/CONFIG.

The successful response of the OData V4 service catalog using the above mentioned URI looks like follows. (here I used the additional query parameter sap-ds-debug=true to get this nicely formatted response).


Possible problems:

  • Today I encountered an error when following my own blog post. This was when trying to press the Publish Service Group button after having selected the service group /IWFND/CONFIG using the alias LOCAL.

    The flag Local GW in the configuration of the system alias LOCAL was missing.

    You can reach the configuration of system aliases using transaction /IWFND/V4_ADMIN by pressing the button Routing Configuration.

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      Author's profile photo Vanesa Molina
      Vanesa Molina

      Hi Andre,

      For S/4 HANA Cloud, is there any communication arrangement that contains the service catalog for Odata V4?


      Author's profile photo Jorge Arranz
      Jorge Arranz

      Check SAP_COM_0181

      Author's profile photo Vanesa Molina
      Vanesa Molina

      Do I need to activate any scope item? The documentation doesn't mention it however I cannot find that communication arrangement.


      Author's profile photo SURYAPRAKASH REDDY YARABOLU

      i fallowed above steps to publish V4 service. it is not asking for TR, How to capture this in TR ?

      Author's profile photo Patrick Leininger
      Patrick Leininger

      i do not have the version 0002 of the catalog service. Do i need to update SAP_GWFND? Currently its 750 SP 22.

      Author's profile photo Peter Gilberg
      Peter Gilberg

      Hi Patrick Leininger,

      I'm facing the same issue, did you find the reason for this?

      Thanks in advance!