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Author's profile photo Mrinal Kanti Roy

Enhanced ’Unplanned goods issue’ functionality in Extended warehouse management(EWM) in S/4HANA 2020 Release

Many a time, we do certain activities which are not planned and the same applies for warehouse operations as well.  Goods are issued (or moved out of the warehouse) generally against customer orders or requests from another plant / warehouse etc. Sometimes, goods are issued on ad-hoc basis i.e without any previous planning like to scrap or correct stock etc.

Extended warehouse management (EWM) also provides that ‘Unplanned goods issue’ functionality and my present blog is to discuss on the enhancements done on that in S/4HANA 2020 Release.

  • Addition of ‘Unplanned goods issue’ processes

’Consumption’ and ‘Stock migration’ are two processes added for ‘Unplanned goods issue’ in S/4HANA 2020 release as depicted in below image. Consumption is one of the processes that many customers wanted to use for goods issue (without order or delivery).

  • Selection of Cost carrier or Account assignment

Account assignment (or cost carrier) can now be selected directly on the transaction /SCWM/ADGI (or App Unplanned goods issue) as shown in below image. Specific cost center or project / WBS element like DE.000.01-000111 can be chosen for cost carrier.

  • Use of different Movement types

Different movement types can be used for the same Goods issue process with postings to different account assignments. Below image shows postings with movement type 201 with cost centre and 291 for WBS element for goods issue with Consumption.

  • Display Account assignment in Warehouse Monitor

Account assignments can now be displayed in EWM’s Warehouse monitor as shown below.

These enhancements with ‘Unplanned goods issue’ in EWM will

  • enable more flexibility with financial postings to desired cost carriers (Account assignments)
  • ensure with more (seamless) integration with Inventory management (IM)

It is possible to post unplanned goods issue with account assignment synchronously in embedded EWM or asynchronously in Decentral EWM in S/4HANA.

I will write series of blogs for innovations on S/4HANA 2020 release with special focus on Advanced ATP, EWM, TM and YL . So, please stay tuned and inform your feedback, comments, views.



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      Author's profile photo venu gopal
      venu gopal

      Nice document, keep it up.

      Author's profile photo Virendra Mokashi
      Virendra Mokashi

      Hi Mrinal,

      Is there any possibility that we can get this functionality in Embedded EWM in S/4 1909? Maybe a SAP note that can be implemented in 1909?

      Please let me know.

      Thanks and Regards,



      Author's profile photo Joe Dillon
      Joe Dillon


      It seems you cannot create pick or in-house transport tasks for this process.

      In my case we would fist need to do a stock transfer from the bin the stock is physically in to a special consumption bin. and then once confirmed another person needs to do a second transaction to do the goods issue.

      Our preference is the person can do an un-planned goods issue from the bin the goods are in against a cost center or WBS element. but hte material handler sees the task in his normal picks and in-house relevant trasnport steps.

      and the final P.G.I. is against the WBS or cost center.


      We can initiate the process with MIGO for example and then the process works as we want above.

      but not via the un-planned process.

      Is this something people think is relevant and should be in the available process..


      Author's profile photo Mukesh Mukane
      Mukesh Mukane

      Hi Mrinal Kanti Roy

      Is it possible to create New customized Process types?

      like Instead SCRP - Scrapping, is it possible to process with Z type process in System: EWM 950?