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Kyma runtime available in trial – and now we are complete

I am happy to let you know that “SAP Cloud Platform, Kyma runtime” is finally part of the SAP Cloud Platform trial. It is available for some days now and we already saw a number of people who started exploring. Nevertheless, let me start from the beginning.

Get started

When you want to start your trial of Kyma runtime, open-up your SAP Cloud Platform trial account and create a sub-account in any region. Can you see the Enable Kymabutton? Great, then just click on it.

If your trial account already pre-existed, then you need to entitle Kyma to it:

  1. Open the Entitlements menu
  2. Configure Entitlements, then Add Service Plans
  3. Search for Kyma, select the trial-plan, and Add 1 Service Plan
  4. When you now go back to the Overview of your subaccount, you are able to Enable Kyma. This will take 1-2 hours.

After this has finished, you need to add your user to a dedicated role. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Role Collections
  2. Add a new one via + and by proving a name
  3. Open the Role collection, Edit it, and assign the role “KymaRuntimeNamespaceAdmin
  4. Go back to the subaccount and open the Trust Configuration
  5. Select the sap.default, Show assignments to your trial user’s email address, and Assign Role Collection you just created

Now you can access the Kyma console UI via the link in the subaccount’s Overview. Here is the documentation for the steps.

Connecting your SAP application to Kyma runtime or mocking an application

One part of the Kyma-story is enabling you to extend SAP applications cloud-natively. Therefore, you can now connect your test tenants of SAP CX solutions to the trial Global Account and create a formation with your Kyma runtime. Have a look into our documentation how to do that.

If you don’t want to connect an SAP CX application to the trial account, you can simply mock an SAP application to being connected to Kyma runtime.

Getting started

We’ve just published beginner tutorials. Furthermore, we have several samples on which you can try out. Several languages and technologies are covered within these samples.

Wondering why you should start exploring Kyma runtime?

Listen to this “Hot, Hip & Human“-interview with Doehler GmbH to learn why thy picked Kyma.

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