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Lost in Thought – Your Favourite Travel Destination(s)

Are you also lost in thought when it comes to travel destination(s) that you want to visit? Personally, I am at the moment. The winter is coming and I am thinking – where did the summer go? Of course, on the one hand it is due to the situation we are all facing right now, but on the other hand it may also be due to a variety of circumstances that are preventing us from traveling to other places. But do we actually have to travel during the summer time or are you rather an autumn/winter/spring traveller? What are secret places that you discovered yourself while traveling?

As we think that this is such a fantastic topic to share experiences and talk about – we from the SAP Community and Influencers Team will be having a dedicated breakout session in the upcoming SAP Community Coffee Corner Meet-Up #4 next Friday, October 16th at 3:00 p.m. CET. Register and take part! 

I have the honour and pleasure to host one of the three Break-Out Sessions and want to tackle as well as share with you favourite travel destination(s) that you once visited and/or are planning to visit soon.

We will talk about:
? Countries that we always wanted to visit
? Secret places we heard of or even saw ourselves
? Stories that always come up when we think about a particular vacation
? Stereotypes that we can say they are true or not true

I am sure you all have favourite travel pics at home – may they be hidden in the drawer next to your bed or obviously hung up everywhere in your home. I want to have you all as my travel buddies and share your favourite pictures with me and SAP Community! So post your lovely, favourite travel pictures into the comment section below and/or in addition send them directly to me (follow me and I follow you back, so we are able to send and receive direct messages) in case you want me to share them during the Break-Out Session with the community next week.

There is so many unique places in the world that I am sure it’ll be fun to try and recognize them by solely looking at some of the pictures, to forefeel the story behind it and travel in thought together. One of my favourite travel pics is this one – who can guess where it was taken? Leave your guess in the comment section below ?

I am looking forward to mentally escape with you all on October 16th!

Take care everyone!

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  • I'd say the picture was taken somewhere in the South East Asia. Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand - one of these, if I had to guess.

    But my guess would be wrong, as EXIF info says otherwise... 😉

  • Here's a spot I thoroughly enjoyed from shortly before COVID hit us all. And yes, I'm sure the sleuths in this thread can quickly figure out where it's from based on the EXIF information...

  • Sorry for late additions. Some pics I thought I would share !!!



    My Favorite Click ? – Plönlein, Rothenburg ob der Tauber




    Heaven on Earth – Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland




    The Taj Mahal – Agra, India




    Another Paradise – Nubra Valley, Ladakh, India



    Singapore – From the Singapore Flyer !



    Kecak Dance - Uluwatu Temple, Bali, Indonesia


    Hope to put up some Iceland Pics soon !!! *fingers crossed*

    • Great shots, Vivek! And a nice selection of different sorts of destinations, different sorts of travel. Now you make me want to visit all those spots depicted.

      • Thanks Matt ! And I would like to set milestones like you have - Visiting all Continents / Swimming in every Ocean. Would definitely help me plan my trips better an have a sense of achievement 😀 !!!

    • Vivek - thank you so much for sharing! I guess us two have a lot in common: First of all, we just detected that we have the same next travel destination in place -- Island, we can't wait!
      What a nice coincidence that you shared your picture of the Plönlein tower. I am originally from Rothenburg ob der Tauber and am there at this very moment. ?
      I do have a friend whom I once met in Thailand, who is originally from Ladakh and says that it is the most beautiful place on this planet (kind of also on my wish list). Beautiful shot from the Taj Mahal too! --> Please let me know how you took that without having visitors on your picture!


      • Omg Really ! Rothenburg ob der Tauber ! I had been on a Euro trip last summer and thought of staying in Nuremberg for 2 nights and was looking at nearby places to visit - and I saw the pic of Plönlein tower and decided "I have to visit this place !". I caught the earliest train and switched 3 trains to reach early to get a pic without the tourist crowd coming in later in the day. I am so jealous you live in a "fairy tale" place ! Its my dream to move to Germany some day ! So many castles I want to photograph and the cute German towns.

        As for the Taj Mahal, I reached the place at about 4 am in the morning. I think it opens around 5.30  am or so. Got my tickets entered as soon as the gates opened and ran ahead to a point from where I could take the pic. Most people take time after entering, looking around and taking self pics. I am not a selfie guy 😛 ! But its better if you have a native friend with you, as am not sure how much time it would take to enter as they seem to have separate line for foreigners and its really a huge mess at ticket counter. People are not so polite.

        Ladakh is a really good place. Nubra Valley and Pangong Lake are must visit. But do read about some things to take care as its at a height and some people tend to get AMS ( Acute Mountain Sickness ). So it needs to be planned accordingly and give body time to acclimatize once you reach there. But is a great destination for an adventure !




        • It is indeed a lovely, cute little town! I moved to Mannheim though back in 2012 to study. Since then I am visiting occasionally to see my family and friends from back home (it's just a two hour drive, so that's fine). Check out my BIF (Blog It Forward blog post, there is two more pictures from Rothenburg in there) Last weekend though I saw another fairy tale place in the world:

          So that's what I should have done to get a similar empty of visitor picture of the Taj Mahal. I have to visit it again one day as it was raining heavily that day. Well, maybe I shouldn't choose the monsoon time to visit India ?

          AMS - surely I don't want to get that and it's a shame that it actually even exists!  Thanks for the great tips! Will take that into consideration prior to visiting.

          • Ah ! The Neuschwanstein Castle !? That was one of the options apart from Rothenburg but decided for the latter.

            India during monsoon – definitely a No No. November to March is ideal for most of the places. April to June-July in northern snowy hill stations. Ladakh – open from June to early September.


            PS - Nice pic of Lombok ! I have been to Lombok too but on the Senggigi beach towards North. Visited the Gili Islands in the north. More peaceful. Yet to visit the Nusa Lembongan.

          • Exactly! 🙂

            Yes, next during another time of the year for sure.

            Thanks - also went to the Gili's, but also to the secret Gili's in the South. Gili Gede ? real secret spot I'd say!


  • Thanks for today's breakout session, Lena!

    Those of you who were in the call, will have an advantage to guess where this picture was taken:

    (oh, as it's just a smaller scale screenshot of the original image, there are no tell-tale EXIF-data to look at!)