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SAP S/4HANA Finance for group reporting 2020 release is Generally Available

We in SAP Product Engineering are happy to announce the general availability of SAP S/4HANA Finance for group reporting 2020 releaseas part of SAP S/4HANA Finance, on October 7, 2020. Our latest software version delivers on a series of new features to help you run your financial consolidation and close activities.

SAP S/4HANA Finance for group reporting 2020 is a major release of the on premise version of our next generation software for financial consolidation and close. We deliver one major on premise release each year. From a functional standpoint, the on premise version inherits from all the features delivered in the cloud versions each quarter. From a tech standpoint, we use the same code line for both cloud and on premise.

The 2020 release on-premise inherits from the innovations delivered in the 1911, 2002, 2005 and 2008 releases of our cloud version. It includes the following new and enhanced functionalities.

You’ll find below more information on all key innovations available in SAP S/4HANA Finance for group reporting 2020 release.

Improved manual data collection (GRDC Forms)

In the 2020 release, SAP Group Reporting Data Collection (GRDC) “Forms” app is improved with the following new and enhanced capabilities.

Work simultaneously on multiple input reports or consolidation units

You can now work on multiple input forms or consolidation units at the same time. Each input report is opened in a separate tab or window of your browser. In addition, you can display two input reports side-by-side to ease data entry or comparison (see screenshot below where Financial Assets can be input side by side with Financial Liabilities). You can also open the data collection app for multiple consolidation units at the same time.

Improved usability with new Find and Freeze features

The new Find feature helps you easily search figures or text in a form. The data or text found is highlighted in yellow, and the number of matched items is displayed. In addition, a new Freeze / Unfreeze capability is developed which improves forms usability. This new feature helps data collection in particular for input reports that have many lines or columns.

Get all information on data with the new Cell Details pop-up

Cell details provides you with all information on data displayed in a form. Right-click on a cell and choose “Cell Details”. A pop-up displays all the relevant information related to the data in the cell: data stored, display format, characteristics of the data in page, row and column axis. The pop-up is dynamic: in the screenshot example, you can change cell (for example click on the amount 56.00 in row 8) and the information displayed in Cell Details is updated in real time.

Other new features in Forms

  • To prevent users from entering data it’s now possible to design read-only blocks in the reports
  • The consolidation unit’s local currency is now displayed in the top left of the form
  • The Consolidation of Investment reports now allow 8 digits decimal for quantities
  • Extensibility on business objects is now possible
  • Total lines are now always displayed in dynamic reports

Improved data mapping capabilities

In the 2020 release, SAP Group Reporting Data Collection (GRDC) “Data Mapping” app is improved with the following new and enhanced capabilities.

New information to help the user create the mapping

The Data Mapping template files now include a new columns that shows you if the target field is mandatory or not in the mapping as well as information on number of digits or data format. In addition, the templates provide more information about the column types (such as input, output or temporary).

Support of additional target fields in the mapping

Fiscal Period, Fiscal Year, Posting Date and Version are now supported. The Posting Date is supported as a target field. In addition, multi-versions, multi-periods and multi-year are now sipported as well.

Store source file in a cloud location

As soon as a Data Mapping definition with “source type = file” is selected, a field allows the user to enter the cloud destination where the source file is stored (see the screenshot below). The job can be automatically run when a cloud destination is already defined in the job editor : the source file is read from the source instance.

New features inherited from the 2008 cloud release

In release 2020, you get new features inherited from the 2008 cloud release (for more detail, download our 2008 feature deck):

  • Integration of Intercompany Matching and Reconciliation (ICMR) with consolidation eliminations (see the illustration above)
  • New Consolidation of Investment activities to help you handle vertical and horizontal mergers
  • New “Define Consolidation Units” app, providing transparency on master data to the business end-users
  • Removal of consolidation ledger

New features inherited from the 2005 cloud release

In release 2020, you get new features inherited from the 2005 cloud release (for more detail, download our 2005 feature deck):

  • New UI for the Enter Group Reporting Data app
  • Consolidation of Investments data entry report (see the illustration above)
  • Enhanced data mapping
  • Substitution and validation in journal entries
  • Attachments in the Post Journal Entries app
  • Consolidation master data: new global hierarchy type “Consolidation Material Group”
  • Consolidation master data: master data settings for aggregation during Data Release task
  • Use of custom fields extension in Group Reporting Data Collection apps
  • Preparation for consolidation ledger removal
  • New Consolidation of Investments activities: transfer of investments

New features inherited from the 2002 cloud release

In release 2020, you get new features inherited from the 2002 cloud release (for more detail, download our 2002 feature deck):

  • Extension of the consolidation table ACDOCU
  • Time- and version-dependent Financial Statement item attributes (see the illustration above)
  • Enhanced calculation of the Annual Net Income

New features inherited from the 1911 cloud release

In release 2020, you get new features inherited from the 1911 cloud release (for more detail, download our 1911 feature deck):

  • Support of multiple fiscal year variants
  • Parallel data entries from multiple users
  • Data Mapping from ACDOCA to ACDOCU
  • More embedded SAP Analytics Cloud story and analytics (see the illustration above)
  • Increased number of digits after decimal for the Quantity field

More information

For more information on our SAP S/4HANA Finance for group reporting 2020 release, you can refer to the following:

Would you like to be informed of the latest news on our next-gen consolidation software, you can follow the tag SAP S/4HANA Finance for group reporting on our SAP Community.

Co-innovate online with SAP Product Engineering team

You can co-innovate online with ourselves in the SAP Product Engineering team by joining us on the SAP S/4HANA for group reporting Customer Influence platform.



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      AshfaqAhmed Attar

      Hi Stephane,

      Thank you for sharing, very informative.


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      Mahesh Chilukuri

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      Great Content!

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      Krushna Mantri

      Thanks for Sharing content. Seems numerous new features are available will help in streamlining consolidation process.

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      Great post! Vast features are in GR now.

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      Venkata Singanamala

      Wonderful Info on S4H GRP Reporting 2020.



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      Kai Schulte

      Great post, thank you! Is there any schedule`/plan when the fully activated appliance for 2020 will be available?


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      Author's profile photo VINEET SINGH

      Moved to Group Reporting 2020 release.Substitutions and Validations app seems to be missing in the 2020 release.
      SAP support suggested to use t-code GGB1 and GGB0, which does not give the same functionality as required.

      Is this the case



      Author's profile photo Jan van Heddeghem
      Jan van Heddeghem

      Hi Stephane,

      Is my understanding correct that if we have S/4 Hana cloud we would get the updates every quarter automatically , but if we have S/4 1909 on premise system and implement group reporting on it the we would not get the new features described in the table at the start of this blog?