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Author's profile photo Roman Gorbenko

Configure CTS+ for SAP PO system. SolMan 7.2 as a domain. Step by step guide


For our example:
SAP PO on NetWeaver 7,5 (Client: 000)
Dual-stack SAP Solution Manager* 7.2 (Clients: 000 and default)
* SAP Solution Manager – Transport domain controller for CTS+

Resolution without CTS+

You can transfer non-abap objects in SAP PO via export/import* design objects (TPZs files)
* Export from Dev system, Import to QAS/PROD systems.
This resolution may be not applicable for many (especially for GMP-based) companies

Resolution with CTS+.

CTS+ provides an option to transport non-ABAP objects within a system landscape. This means, objects that have been created on the development system can be attached to a transport request (good management, clear footprint), which is then distributed through the system landscape to QAS and PROD systems.

Step 0. Architecture overview.

Describe our CTS+ architecture via such a blueprint
Let’s implement this architecture in Steps

Step 1. Users and Roles preparation

1.1.  Roles preparation in Solution Manager.
In Solution Manager (default client)
1.2.  Create users in Solution Manager.
Create technical users in Solution Manager (default client) for example CTSSRVUSER.
Assign role  ZSAP_BC_TRANSPORT_ADMINISTRATOR from step 2.1 to this user and user
CTSD_RFC. Assign role ZSAP_CTSDEPLOY from step 2.1 to this user.
1.3. Create users in SAP PO.
Create a technical user in SAP PO (DEV, QAS, PROD systems) for example CTSSRVUSER_PO
SAP NetWeaver Administrator -> Configuration ->Identity Managment
Create user:

Step 2. Configuring Transport domain controller for Non-ABAP System

Transaction – STMS (Transport Management System)
2.1. Goto Solution Manager (000 – client)
2.2. Open STMS transaction
2.3.  Create Non-ABAP Systems  (In our example – DEV, QAS and Production systems of SAP PO)
SAP PO DEV  (Source System) Settings:
Activate Transport Organizer = checked
Target host – SAP PO Dev host
System/Client = Solution manager SID, default client in Solution Manager
SAP PO QAS/Prod  (Target System) Settings:
Activate Deployment Service = XI/PI
Activate Transport Organizer = checked
System/Client = Solution manager SID, default client in Solution Manager
Target host = SAP QAS/Prod host
System No.  = Instance number
Depending on the deployment methods selected, the system asks you for the users and passwords for the selected deployment methods. Enter here  credentials from CTSSRVUSER_PO user from Step 1.3
2.4. non-ABAP Systems
Output example:
2.5. Configuration of  non-ABAP systems in STMS transaction
Output example:
TRANSDIR –  Directory on Solution Manager host, for example,/sapmnt/trans/
NON_ABAP_WBO_CLIENT – * (All Solution Manager clients allowed)
DEPLOY_DATA_SHARE – Directory on Solution Manager host, for example,/sapmnt/trans/data
DEPLOY_XI_URL – SAP PO host with port (port – 5<NN>00, where NN instance number)
*  – WBO_GET_REQ_STRATEGY= Control of automatically creating a transport request when you export an object, for example, from an SAP Enterprise Portal system or an SAP PI system. The system automatically creates a transport request (if no request has already been preselected) and flags it as the preselected request.
Parameters for Non-ABAP Transports
2.6. Create transport route in STMS transaction
Create transport route for example ZDPI

Step 3. Activate and Test Services

Transaction – SICF (Activate and Maintain Services)
Solution Manager (000 or default client)*
* SICF  is a cross-client transaction
3.1. Activate Services
3.2. Test services
Test services from step 3.1

Step 4. Maintain Web service in Solution Manager

From NetWeaver 7.1 Logical Port CTSDEPLOY already preconfigured and there is no need to validate it in the transaction LPCONFIG (obsolete transaction)
4.1. Configuring the HTTP Connection
Goto Transaction SM59  in Solution Manager (default client)
Create HTTP Connection to External Server (Type – G)
RFC Destination – CTSDEPLOY
Target Host – For our dual-stack system target host = the hostname of the current system.
Service No – 5<NN>00, where NN –  instance number for Solution Manager, Java Stack
Logon & Security –  Credentials from user CTSD_RFC from Step 2.2

Step 5. Settings in SAP PO systems

5.1 Create Destinations in SAP NetWeaver Java System (DEV, QAS, Prod systems)
SAP NetWeaver Administrator -> Configuration  -> Destinations
Connection and Transport:
RFC Destination –
Target Host  –   Solution Manager host
System – Solution Manager ABAP instance
System ID – Solution Manager <SID>
Gateway Host  –   Solution Manager host
Gateway service – sapgwNN, where NN instance number
Logon Data:
Credentials from CTSSRVUSER from Step 1.2
Output must be:
Ping Destination -> Successfully connected to <SID> as user CTSSRVUSER
5.1 Configure CTS+ parameters for SAP PO System (Dev, QAS, Prod systems)
SAP NetWeaver Administrator -> Configuration  ->Infrastructure-> Java System Properties
Tab – Services
Filter –  *XPI*
Select service XPI Service. All Config Service and check/add properties: = true = true = true = true

Step 6. Test CTS+ with real business example

Real business example.
The dataType for Materials was changed in SAP PO Development System.
Сhanges must be transferred to QAS and PROD systems
6.1. SAP PO / Enterprise Services Builder. New TR
Open ESR.
Tools – Open CTS Transport Organizer
(in web browser interface)
Create New Request
Specify TR
6.2. SAP PO / Enterprise Services Builder. Export
Open the desired DT and select Export Design Object.
Set mode – Transport Using CTS
Individual objects – DT/MT with changes
Assign Objects with Transport Request
Summary output:
6.3. SAP PO / Enterprise Services Builder. TR Release
Tools – Open CTS Transport Organizer
Specify the desired TR and release it
6.4. SAP PO / Enterprise Services Builder. TR Import
Goto Solution manager (default client)
Transaction – STMS
System – QAS/PROD SAP PO Systems
Import Request


The CTS+ option is disabled or it is not visible in Tools -> Export Design Objects
1739340 – ESR/ID Export Using CTS+ option is disabled
Error during  “Open CTS Transport Organizer in SAP PO ESR”
  1.  Incorrect file association on the local machine with ESR. Check ESR on another machine.
Error retrieving JCO destination (check stacktrace for details) [DESTINATION_ERROR_CHECK_STACKTRACE]
1563107 – Error releasing activities to CTS+ (Transport View)
Problem: Cannot create temporary directory./temp/CTS/XXXXX
during TR import
2343548 – CTS+: Cannot create temporary directory
2453088 – Deploy fails with “access is denied” error
Update (14.12.2021)
Transport seems to occur without errors but objects do not show on the target system;
By checking STMS logs for the affected transport request, an error message with the following content can be seen:
2535358 – Deployment of EP skipped due to missing configuration*
* Note about Enterprise Portal (EP) but will be actual for SAP PO too. Pay attention to settings from 2.3 of this blog post: Activate Deployment Service must be XI/PI, and Port must be – 5<instance number>00


SAP BASIS Routine task with examples from real life was provided
In Part 2. Configure CTS+ for SAP HANA systems. SolMan 7.2 as a domain. Step by step guide (coming soon)


1540191 – Application types: Handling and reservation mechanisms
1003674 – Enhancement for non-ABAP systems in CTS
1540191 – Application types: Handling and reservation mechanisms
Transporting Non-ABAP Objects in Change and Transport System
Configuration Guide for CTS+
How To… Implement CTS+ for Your Application
Enhanced Change and Transport System
Transporting Objects from SAP NetWeaver XI by Using CTS
Security for the Enhanced Change and Transport System (CTS+)

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      Author's profile photo Rammutla Ndlovu
      Rammutla Ndlovu

      Thank you Roman for a great article

      Author's profile photo Meghna Yadav
      Meghna Yadav

      Hello Roman Gorbenko

      We configured the CTS+ on Solution manager production system, created the transport and layers as adviced. But during the transport is failing with below error.

      Start deployment of XI
      Deploy Webservice environment
      Communication data provided
      Begin deployment (2020-11-06 20:02:33.0258 +2:00)
      Import Event (ID:00505687392F1EEB888B47BF04A25E63)
      key:SESSION USER value:SAPADM
      key:TARGETSYSTEMID value:POQ
      Transport Request (ID:PODK90000Q description:Integration name, 1.0 of
      TransportEntity (ID:00505687392F1EEB8884F77A69D0CD7B content:/usr/sap/trans/solman/data/PODK90000Q/c0f93f1c202711ebb096000030a867a6
      Exception during Connection to system Integration Builder using application CMS
      End deployment (2020-11-06 20:02:33.0378 +2:00) Connection to system Integration Builder using application CMS-Transport lost. Detaile
      sun.reflect.GeneratedMethodAccessor1042.invoke(Unknown Source)



      Author's profile photo Roman Gorbenko
      Roman Gorbenko
      Blog Post Author

      Hello, Manjunath,

      Maybe this SAP Note will be useful -

      2508560 - CTS+ transport fails in PO HTTPS system

      Author's profile photo Manjunath Basappa
      Manjunath Basappa

      HI Roman

      I referred the said note, but did not helped me. Now issue is below and SAP note and OSS reply did not helped.  The file permissions exists for java SIDADM id.

      File '/usr/sap/trans/erp/PODK900015/b35bbdb5a69611ebb62e000030a867a6 does not exist.
      Problem during file access, stopping. Error is:''.
      End deployment (2021-04-26 16:58:26.0118 +3:00)



      Author's profile photo EJ Vong
      EJ Vong

      Hi Manjunath,

      Did you manage to resolve the issue ?




      Author's profile photo Manjunath Basappa
      Manjunath Basappa

      Hi EJ Vong,

      I have tried the changing of the trans directory, permission given to 777 during the testing. Also referred the SAP Note 1232674. File permission exists, but transport fails during the import.





      Author's profile photo Basis Team
      Basis Team

      Hi Manjunath,


      Facing same issue . Any suggestion to fix this issue?



      Author's profile photo Meghna Yadav
      Meghna Yadav

      Yes. I have resolved myself. The interface created thru NWDS doesn't get imported if the NWDi component doesn't exist.

      Author's profile photo Kenneth Monge
      Kenneth Monge


      The CTS works fine but only with the administrator user , if I connect with another user, the CTS only shows the Administrator user and it (another user) does not find the Transport Order. Do you have any idea why?



      Author's profile photo Roman Gorbenko
      Roman Gorbenko
      Blog Post Author

      Hello, Kenneth,

      CTS in Solution Manager, correct?

      Administrator - user with SAP_ALL profile?


      Author's profile photo Roman Gorbenko
      Roman Gorbenko
      Blog Post Author

      The troubleshooting section was updated

      Author's profile photo Abay Zhunussov
      Abay Zhunussov

      Hello Roman Gorbenko,

      Thank you for the detailed explanation, great content!

      We want to restrict users to create transport requests for non ABAP system using ChaRM only.
      For this we closed status switches in CHARM Administration Cockpit for respective task list.
      However there is still possibility to create transport requests directly in Transport Organizer WEB UI.
      Any ideas what we missing here?