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Author's profile photo Brandon Caulfield

Learn SAP UI5 In This Full Course (Walkthrough)

I have always said that YouTube is one of the best resources to learn new skills or refresh your current skillset. I also find the SAP UI5 walkthrough to be one of the best resources as well when it comes to making sure you understand the basics. I myself, have been through the walkthrough over a dozen times and always learn something new. So, I decided to combine the two into one resource 🙂


I ran through all 38 steps of the SAP UI5 walkthrough and recorded them in this full video course for anyone to watch and hopefully learn something along the way. I designed the course so that, just like the walkthrough, you can pick up from any step in the video by clicking on the relevant step in the video description. If you need the code at the beginning of that particular step you can download it directly from the relevant commit in this GitHub repo.


The course differs slightly at the beginning where I choose to use the UI5 CLI and NODE to run a local server. I also use the mock server configuration later on in the course, from about step 28, as I believe this is best practice and should be the standard on any project. You can use your local environment and any IDE you want including SAP Web IDE, whatever you are comfortable with. I personally recommend either VS Code or SAP Web IDE.


I also make many mistakes along the way, just like everyone else, and decided to leave them in the video so that people can hopefully learn from them 🙂


I hope this resource will help you on your UI5 journey and if you have any questions or comments please feel free to let me know.


Thanks for reading!

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      Author's profile photo Rahul Magdum
      Rahul Magdum

      Anything related to UI5 or Fiori is a strong magnet of me. I love such tutorials/videos no matter whether it is basics or advanced! It's always a worth having a look to refresh the memory.

      Author's profile photo Brandon Caulfield
      Brandon Caulfield
      Blog Post Author

      Rahul Magdum I couldn’t agree with you more 🙂

      Author's profile photo Thiago M. Gonçalves
      Thiago M. Gonçalves

      Amazing initiative!

      That will certainly help the beginners a lot.

      Author's profile photo Brandon Caulfield
      Brandon Caulfield
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Thiago M. Gonçalves !

      Author's profile photo Adi Mogilevsky
      Adi Mogilevsky

      What do you think about our advanced content ?


      Author's profile photo Brandon Caulfield
      Brandon Caulfield
      Blog Post Author

      Adi Mogilevsky I think it looks great after a quick skim through. All relevant topics as well ? Nice one!

      Author's profile photo Adi Mogilevsky
      Adi Mogilevsky

      Thank you - we had a long discussion regarding topics selection - cream de la cream

      Author's profile photo Erkan Degerli
      Erkan Degerli

      Hi Brandon,

      What is the future of jQuery in SAPUI5?


      Author's profile photo Kenji Eimura
      Kenji Eimura


      Is it free?


      Author's profile photo Brandon Caulfield
      Brandon Caulfield
      Blog Post Author

      Hi kenji, yes the course is 100% free 🙂

      Author's profile photo Rajarshi Muhuri
      Rajarshi Muhuri

      I had needed to pick up UI5 over the weekend . This hands on video  tutorial really helped me .

      Author's profile photo Florian Winkler
      Florian Winkler

      I have done the walkthrough as a preparation for the Evolved Web Apps Course.



      looks like I passed ;-).


      Next goal will be the evolution of my little page (""):

      + Clickable StandardTiles with "dnd" (Drag and Drop) (if possible, I guess I'll have to find out).

      + Connect to a backend (DynamoDB, dunno if it works, mongoDB does work though)

      + play with mobX like the guys from the UI5CON of 2020.


      Greetings and thx for the tutorial!



      Author's profile photo Brandon Caulfield
      Brandon Caulfield
      Blog Post Author

      Well done Florian Winkler !! That app looks brilliant 👨🏼‍💻

      Author's profile photo Cristiano Orlandi Wagner
      Cristiano Orlandi Wagner

      Hi Brandon,


      Nice tutorial, I could learn a lot. Just one question, after I did the step 10 (Descriptor for Applications) I started to get the following error: "Uncaught (in promise) SyntaxError: Unexpected token w in JSON at position 8" and I cannot see how to fix it. Did you get this issue before?


      Author's profile photo Ankit Beura
      Ankit Beura

      Hi Bradon,

      Thanks for the tutorial. It really helped me to clear a lot of concept with this kind of walkthrough session. Awaiting for more such content!