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Author's profile photo Sebastien BEGHELLI

What is the Enterprise Edition of SAP Conversational AI?

In order to continuously improve the quality of services delivered to our customers, we have launched the Enterprise Edition of SAP Conversational AI sooner this year, in addition to the Community Edition.

What is the Enterprise Edition of SAP Conversational AI?

The Enterprise Edition is the customer specific version of SAP Conversational AI.
It’s different from the Community Edition of SAP Conversational AI, which is accessible through to all our community of users.
In the Community Edition, the customers data isn’t isolated from each other. In the future, this Community Edition will act as a free trial landscape.

You can use the Enterprise Edition of the SAP Conversational AI platform to have all your chatbots and data securely isolated in your own tenant – in other words, your “own” SAP Conversational AI platform. It provides a secure, role-based, and user-friendly experience of using the chatbot UI that is integrated into the different product applications.

What are the benefits of subscribing to the Enterprise Edition of SAP Conversational AI?

Using the paid version of SAP Conversational AI offers some benefits, among which:

  1. Management and consumption of data independently of other tenants and ensures that your data is visible to only users who have access to your tenant
  2. Access to premium features already available (e.g. SSO, SAP Cloud Platform Destinations) and upcoming features (e.g. Unit Testing, Bot Delivery, Bot Transport through Tenants)
  3. Seamless integration of your chatbot with other SAP products since tenant separation is a key concept across SAP solutions
  4. 24/7 support for all your questions and issues related to the platform

Also, the Enterprise Edition is mandatory in case you want to deploy a chatbot for commercial usage in production.

Community Edition VS Enterprise Edition

The below table gives you an overview of the main differences between the Community Edition and the Enterprise Edition :

Community Edition Enterprise Edition
Premium features No Yes
Support Through SAP Answers Dedicated support through ticketing service
Connection with other SAP products w/ SSO and destinations No Yes
Tenant Community Tenant Own tenant
Productive Usage No Yes

How to subscribe to the Enterprise Edition of SAP Conversational AI?

Once you’ve contracted a paid license of SAP Conversational AI, subscribe to SAP Conversational AI service in your SAP Cloud Platform subaccount(s).
You’ll be immediately provided an (or several) URL to access your own CAI tenant(s) and be able to create/manage users’ accounts on it.

> The complete process is explained in our product documentation.

How to proceed to migrate from the Community Edition to the Enterprise Edition of SAP Conversational AI?

If you’re already using the Community Edition of SAP Conversational AI, and have contracted an Enterprise Edition, you can migrate your bots and thus, not lose all your historic.

The migration process is very simple and can be done in a few steps.

  1. If not already done, subscribe to SAP Conversational AI service in your SAP Cloud Platform subaccount(s)
  2. Import your existing bots (public or private) from the SAP Conversational AI Community Edition to your newly created tenant(s) in the SAP Cloud Platform

> The complete process is explained in our product documentation.

Our team is fully available to answer any questions you may have about our Enterprise Edition.  

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      Author's profile photo Sathiyabalan Sengodan
      Sathiyabalan Sengodan

      Hi Sebastien BEGHELLI ,

      Thank you very much for this blog about enterprise edition. It is really helpful. SAP actually made the migration process from community to enterprise edition so simple with just few clicks. 🙂 Awesome.

      I have few queries though, I would really appreciate it if you can shed some light on these points.

      1. After the migration of bots into Enterprise edition, if I want to make all these bots to be collaborated as a single Master bot ( without actually copying / forking the skills ), Would that be feasible ?
      2. What is the roadmap of third party integrations ?
      3. Are there any pre-defined demo bots ( SAP provided  ) available to refer and learn more about CAI ?


      Author's profile photo Kader Kara
      Kader Kara

      Thanks for sharing these informations, the SAP CAI offer is really interesting.

      One question though, in the documentation link you send, it says that the community platform can be used in a productive way, despite your article, is it a mistake in the official documentation ?


      SAP CAI online help

      Author's profile photo Sebastien BEGHELLI
      Sebastien BEGHELLI
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Kader, Correct, that's a mistake. We'll change it, thx for sharing! 🙂

      Author's profile photo uday reddy
      uday reddy


      May you please provide the details of pricing and licensing of enterprise edition for SAP CAI