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SAP Ariba developer portal – How to create applications and consume the SAP Ariba APIs

In this blog post, I cover the different videos that I created to give a quick introduction on what the SAP Ariba developer is and the process of creating an application, its approval process and consuming the APIs. The idea is that someone who has no knowledge of the SAP Ariba developer portal and the SAP Ariba APIs, by the end of the video series, will have a good understanding of how to create an application and consume the SAP Ariba APIs. All this, in just 30 minutes of viewing time.

Video 1 – Introduction to the SAP Ariba Developer Portal (5 mins)

A brief introduction of the SAP Ariba developer portal. What is covered:

  • Requirements to request access to the portal
  • Structure of the API documentation
  • API specifications (Swagger 2.0)

Video 2 – Create an application and the API approval process (4 mins)

In this video I cover how to create an application and its approval process through the SAP Ariba developer portal. I first cover the process from a developer’s perspective and then how an administrator approves the application and generates the credentials on behalf of the developer.

Video 3 – Consume the Ariba APIs (12 mins)

In this video, I demonstrate how to consume the SAP Ariba APIs using an API client, e.g. Postman. Also, covering how to authenticate using our application details and using the access token to retrieve data from the API.

Video 4 – Consume the Ariba APIs from SAP API Business Hub (9 mins)

I look at how to consume the SAP Ariba APIs from the SAP API Business Hub. I will first show you how to interact with the sandbox environment. Then I will create an environment and retrieve data from an Ariba test/production realm.

I hope that after watching the above videos, you now have an understanding of the basic steps required to create an application in the SAP Ariba developer portal and how to consume the APIs available.


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  • Hi Antonio, your description is great.

    I have implemented this step by step, but I always get the following message:


    Unfortunately I cannot find anything on the net.
    Maybe you can help me?


    • Hi Michael Hofmann ,

      The first error is a bug in the SAP API Business Hub UI. The only thing I can suggest is to try again. It is a bit flaky, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

      The second error, can it be that the application you are authenticating with does not have access to this particular API but to other API? Remember that an application will only have access to a particular API not multiple APIs, Check that the API key is the application ID of the application you are using to authenticate.



  • Thanks Antonio for sharing it. I have successfully completed the access token, refresh token and importing and configuring the integration monitoring api for procurement. I am using it to get statuses of integration tasks. I am getting 403 error. I dont know how to resolve it. Can you please help me with it. Thanks.



  • Hi Antonio, I have followed the steps and successfully completed the access token and refresh token but when I try to consume the API services (Supplier Data with Pagination) I get the Status 200 Ok but without Results..  Can you help me with it ?  Please, Thank you.



  • I was wondering if someone can give me some pointers on how to notify a downstream system or application when a change happens in Ariba e.g. a supplier is added or modifided. The other way to ask the same is how to set the change pointers in Ariba to send a callout to external application? Appreciate!