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Author's profile photo Abhishek Parab

Flexible specification selection at Inspection Lot creation

HI All,

This Blog is to make aware of the Flexible specification selection functionality that is available in SAP QM. Flexible specification are used when the inspections are not planned in advance example of it can be Processing Complaint, processing Service Issues.Stability studies, and during Rework Processing To implement this Flexible specification we have to implement a BADI.QPAP_FLEX_PLAN


Flexible Specification Selection at Lot creation works for the Following Cases.

1 .Inspection Lot creation.

2 . if the samples are not calculated for the inspection lot.

3.  if the sample calculation has been reset for the inspection Lot.


The Following Specification can be Changed at the Lot creation.

1.Operation Short Text

2.Sampling Procedure,

3.Control indicator to decide whether this characteristics is required or optional

4.MIC Specification ( Target value, Decimal Places, specification limits like upper limit, lower etc)

5.Inspection method.

6.Selected sets.

7. Short text and info field for characteristics.


You an navigate to path QM > Environment > Tools > BADI’s > Quality inspection¬† ¬†>Badi for Flexible inspection selection.

Note – As per the Standard the Flexible specification is only for Lot origin 89 and 16. To use it for other origin you need to create a Z implementation and mention the Lot origin in the Filter values of the BADI


For demonstration, A z implementation has been created for Lot origin 01 and when a GR for the PO is done, the system will throw pop-up for specification Selection.


Sample Code

Create a Z implementation.


Create Filter Values.

Add the Below code in the method shown




Flexible Selection of inspection specification during GR of Purchase order.


I hope this Blog helps to All QM consultants


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      Author's profile photo Prasath Elumalai
      Prasath Elumalai

      Hi Abhishek Parab,

      Is it possible to assign MIC during GR. So that even without creation of inspection plan I can go ahead for GR, RR and UD.


      Prasath E

      Author's profile photo Abhishek Parab
      Abhishek Parab
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Prasath,

      You cannot add MIC during the GR. if i assume that the specification are not fixed at the time of GR then, there are 2 ways to solve this

      1. Using Unplanned MIC. Create a blank inspection plan with just operation and then during Results recording you can add the Unplanned Characteristics...

      2. Using the above approach . Create a Universal plan and then While doing the GR select the Required MIC for the Inspection Lot. You can change the Specification limits during Results recording as well using the Flexible Specification. but note that you cannot add MIC using Flexible Specification.


      Please note - A system status FLEX will be added to the inspection lot for which flexible specification as been used.


      Thanks and Regards,

      Abhishek Parab.

      Author's profile photo yogini Thorat
      yogini Thorat

      Hello Abhishek,

      Nice Blog !!

      Is it possible to change operation workcenter thr Z implementation ?




      Author's profile photo gayathri hebbale
      gayathri hebbale

      Once the flexible specification is enabled can we change the target value and the lower/upper limit are updated automatically by system in inspection result recording for plant maintenance? Please reply....

      Author's profile photo gayathri hebbale
      gayathri hebbale

      Hi Abhishek Parab,

      Nice blog!!!

      Can you please let me know if after implementing the Flexible Specification Selection plan for Inspection Lot, the upper/lower limit of the set point values can be adjusted or updated according to the tolerance key range???