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How to find commitment item in service Purchase requisition

I have gone through situation when a user enters non project service purchase requisition (cost center based) in T-code ME51N and enters GL while prompting for cost center. Once Service PR is saved, the commitment is also saved based on the valuation category of service master data.

If user wants to change the commitment, it is not possible to change in ME52N, Only GL is updated in system (not commitment). This results in wrong selection in PO, because the details from PR is being sent to PO.

User have facility to change GL in PO (ME21N) also, but commitment can not be changed at this stage. All the effort made by creation of PR, then PO and SES (Service Entry Sheet) are all in vein. User have to delete SES, PO line item, and PR also.

User can not find for which Activity (service code) he has made wrong entry in system. As no screen  show that which Activity has GL and Commitment mismatch. Only system can show that there are multiple Account assignment. But Activity need to be corrected, system does not show.

I have also faced this issue. This issue becomes more critical when a lot of service code/Activity code  are being entered in system using copy paste from excel or manually entered.

After searching various tables in system, a solution was found out. And I tried to create a SQL query in T-code SQVI for my use.


Use SQVI T-code for creation of simple and quick SQL query view.

Enter a report name e.g. “SRV_COMMIT” in the QuickView field, and press “Create” button:

Fill in the following information:

Title  –  Enter some title for report
Select   Data source: Table join
Select   Basis mode
Then press “Enter”

You will get following screen

Click on Insert Table Icon to add following table one by one.


I used following tables and joined then in sequence as given below.

EBAN  – Purchase Requisition table

ESLL  –Lines of service package

ESLLA (alias of ESLL)

ESKL  -Account assignment specification

EBKN — Purchase Requisition Account Assignment


The system creates some links between the tables automatically depending on foreign key. They are usually correct, but sometimes need to be corrected. You can delete wrong links by right click on link.

In our case, the following Relationship on tables can be created as under and delete other links if any









Schema & relationship of tables is as under


Schema, Table Relationship


Click on Check icon, to test whether there is any error in links created by you.

Now, press Back icon (F3- green arrow)

On main screen you will get Table join under Data fields (Left pane)


Now expend table join one by one and select desired field to be displayed or for selection screen

e.g. under Purchase Requisition we have selected 3 fields as List fields, whose technical names are


We have selected 2 fields as Selection fields i.e. EBAN-BANFN, EBAN-BNFPO

See below

Similarly You can use other field selections from each table if required.

From ESLLA table, select ESLLA- EXTROW and ESLLA-SRVPOS fields as list fields

From EBKN table select EBKN-ZEBKN, EBKN-SAKTO, EBKN-KOSTL,  EBKN-FIPOS fields as List Fields etc.

You can select more fields if required, I have taken minimum required fields.

Click on Check for any errors (warning messages may be avoided you can go forward),

then Click on Execute icon, you will get following screen.

You can enter desired PR No. and line item of PR


Click on Execute, you will get following data, PR with line item, its GL and Commitment also

Click Back button twice to come back to design mode of SQVI, if everything is OK, Click Save


Hope, It will also be helpful to you to find which line item has what commitment and GL, so that you can change the same in PR. Because, if wrong commitment has been carry forwarded to PO, it will be difficult to change in PO and further screens.



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