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Connect SAP Analytics Cloud to HANA Cloud in Three Clicks

Yes, that’s right the once painful setup has now been simplified into just 3 clicks.


  • SAP Analytics Cloud, Version 2020.20 or greater
  • Cloud Foundry SAC tenant (us10, eu10, jp10) and not Neo (us1, eu1, jp1)

The official announcement is here

We can check our SAC Tenant Version, System -> About


Figure 1: SAC Tenant Version, 2020.20.1

Step 1: Create Connection – this is the only step 🙂

In SAP Analytics Cloud, Connections, first click add a New Connection, choose Connect to Live Data,  SAP HANA.

Figure 2: Connect to Live Data

Second Click we specify the Connection Type, “SAP HANA Cloud”

Figure 3: New HANA Cloud Live Connection

Complete the required fields, hostname would be the HANA Cloud endpoint without the port.

Figure 4: Connection Details

Third and final click – Click OK

It really is that simple, great job from the SAP Analytic Cloud team to deliver the simplified HANA Cloud Connection. No more HANA Analytics Adapter, no more troubleshooting incorrect yaml configurations.


Just incase your connection does not work there are a couple of things to check.

1. Advanced HANA Cloud Setting for Allowed Connections.

If you are “only allowing specific IP addresses” then you should add the egress IPs for your SAC tenants region as shown on this SAP Note 2459838. Which refers us to this link for Cloud Foundry tenants.

Refer to the column “NAT IPs (egress, IPs for requests from a Cloud Foundry app)”.
I added the following to my Allowed IP addresses in HANA Cloud.

2. Chrome Developer Tools

As is often the case we can get further information from here. We can see the GetServerInfo is red.


Figure 5: Chrome Developer Tools, GetServerInfo

Clicking on that we can get more information from the Network tab, under response.


Figure 6: Get ServerInfo Response details

Expanding that long text show me the following details. I can then confirm if my hostname is the correct one.

Failed to retrieve remote response with external exception: com.zaxxer.hikari.pool.HikariPool$PoolInitializationException: Failed to initialize pool: SAP DBTech JDBC: Cannot connect to jdbc:sap:// [Unknown host [ Name or service not known], -709].
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