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What Is Visitor Management and Why It Is Important

Visitor management is any practice that helps companies keep track of who has visited their offices. These policies may vary from one organization to another depending on the location, facility type, and industry. For some companies, simply writing down the visitor’s name is enough; however, other organizations have higher security requirements such as legal documents, badges, and employee escorts.

Importance of Visitor Management

Welcoming guests into your premises is the backbone of any successful business. From large corporations to schools and hospitals, visitors play a key role in all industries. However, controlling your guests is essential for ensuring minimum employee disruption and creating a positive visitor experience. Below are the benefits of visitor management:

  1. It helps you keep a record of visitors

The primary purpose of having a visitor management process is to have a history of who has visited your premises. Visitor management helps you know who is in the building, why they are there, and which part of the building they are going. The key feature of all visitor management process is at the check-in, which serves as the point to build protocols, create a record, and initiate the next stage of visitor handling.

  1. It helps you direct traffic

When a guest visits your office, you have to recognize their needs and direct them accordingly. Giving them simple instructions improves their experience with your company. For organizations with digitized visitor management systems, the possibilities are endless for their guests. They can be digitally directed to where they are going, thus reducing the disruption of asking for directions.

  1. It improves guests’ confidence

Most people are scared of unknowns. It is petrifying to walk into a new building, talking to people you have never spoken to and trying to find your way in a place you’ve never been before. Having a well-established visitor management policy, whether digitized or traditional, can help your visitors feel more confident.

  1. It provides safety and security for those in the building

Having a visitor management system helps everyone feel safe in the building. You will have the chance to control who gets into the building, why they visited, and where they are headed. In case there is an emergency, everyone who checked in using the system is directed on the right steps to take and how to safely exit the building. One such event is when the building’s fire alarm goes off. Because the visitor management system has a record of everyone who is in the building, they can receive a notification with the correct directions to exit the building, thus keeping them safe.

What Is a Visitor Management System?

These are tools such as iLobby Visitor Management System that help companies create and execute their visitor management policies. Today, organizations realize the importance of visitor management. Many are upgrading from the traditional pen and sign-in book to a digitized system that effectively records who is getting in and out of the building.


Having a visitor management system is a framework for controlling and delivering an excellent customer experience. It acts as the welcome mat for anyone coming to your office. It is a guarantee that things will run smoothly on the premises and reduce employee distraction by guests. Visitor management establishes expectations and promises a reliable, defined, and repeatable way of welcoming people into your office.

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