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Python in Business Application Studio!!!

Hello guys, hope you are doing well.


The first scripting language I had tried was “Python”. But what if I try to execute it directly from BAS?

With full of hope in my heart, I have created a folder under ‘projects’:


Then I run this command: “sudo apt-get install python3”


python install command


I tried several things to resolve. But no luck.

“Dear reader, help me in this. ?. Please comment if you have any quick-fix for this.”


Just then I found a thing. NODE-Python. ????


Installed it in the folder: “npm install python”


Let’s see what we can do with this.

Take the Source-code from here(Git Link).

Place your folder should look like –




The next thing is “npm app.js”.

Now write whatever you want and press enter to check. Enjoy Py-ing.

This is what I have tried.


execute your py code like this


After sometime:

BAS%20got%20chrashedBAS got crashed


Anyways, please opine by leaving a comment below.

I will try to update the below Git link if I get any success.

Py OR Die (Git Link)

Happy ‘Py-ing’, Happy ‘BAS-ing’.

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  • Hi Sabarna,

    Looks like this is not supported (yet).

    Terminal runs inside a Debian 10 virtual machine of which we are 'user' but not 'root'.

    The sudo command is not installed nor can we install it because we are not root (or can su to root unless we know the password).

    We can download Python source code but to compile we need a compiler which is not installed and which we cannot install because we are not root.