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Author's profile photo Axel Meier

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud integrated with SAP DB-Explorer to support HANA SQL data warehousing scenarios

This Blog describes the capabilities of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, integrated with SAP DB-Explorer to support HANA SQL data warehousing scenarios.

The SAP DB-Explorer is supporting to create and execute HANA SQL Statements, which includes SQL DDL & DML Statements and the options to create Stored Procedures, Views, Trigger, Tasks, Functions … relevant to enable SQL data warehouse systems.

The SAP DB-Explorer integrated with SAP Data Warehouse Cloud provides an offering to the SQL community to shift workload to SAP Data Warehouse Cloud by re-using existing SQL know-how – no need to be re-trained.

External Tooling, like SAP DataServices (ETL), SAP Data Intelligence, SAP Data Hub, Tooling certified to connect to HANA and HANA Cloud incl. ODBC/JDC can connect to the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud created and managed DB-Schema (“openSQL Schema”) to interact, load and process data. It’s a simple task to re-locate existing workload to the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud DB-Schema (“openSQL Schema”), no need to adjust the current ETL process configuration.

The tight integration of the DB-User openSQL Schema with the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud Space Management provides a great collaboration between IT and Business, as the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud Data-Builder (graphical) Editors can immediate access the SQL created DB artefacts + data without any data movement involved.


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      Author's profile photo Aphirat Chongsa-Nguan
      Aphirat Chongsa-Nguan

      Nice explanation, thank you.


      Can I make use of Smart Data Access, or Smart Data Integration (SDA, SDI) here with this HC instance ?

      Author's profile photo Axel Meier
      Axel Meier
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Aphirat,

      the DB-User in this case has been autom. generated by DWC, where PUBLIC Privileges + APL/PAL Privileges have been granted. The Priviliges to create Remote Sources incl. SDA/SDI capabilities haven't beeen granted.

      This how to get access from DB-Explorer (in the contect of DWC) to remote Sources:

      1. Logon to DWC
      2. Create  Connection(s) within your Space to your remote Source (we're using SDA/SDI and DWC embedded Data-Intelligence Pipeline, called: DataFlow in DWC) under the hood.
      3. Create a DWC View (graphical or SQL View) using either federated access/RTR or DataFlow to connect to your remote tenant object (table, view, CDS-View, Extractor ...).
      4. Flag the DWC View as "Consumable" and Deploy
      5. Create a DB-User within your SPACE and enable "Read" Privilege at a minimum
      6. Logon to DB-Explorer using the DB-User (hostname, port, PW are autom. generated from prev. step)
      7. Navigate on the DB-User DB-Schema Catalog to the View Section and select / choose the DB-Schema of the DB-User (e.g. <SPACE>#<DB-USer>
      8. You'l find the DWC View (from steps #3) available to execute your SQL SELECT Stmts on the remote tenant/system (for SDI/SDA: federated data acess is enabled by default - you can adjust by using the DWC Data Integartion Monitor)

      Hope this helps.