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SAP Data Warehouse Cloud (DWC) integrated with SAP SQL data warehousing – accessing DWC consumable models as Source

This Blog describes the capabilities to share a single HANA Cloud DB-Tenant for both SAP SQL data warehousing and SAP Data Warehouse Cloud (DWC) scenarios, by leveraging the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud consumable models as a source for the SAP IDE (here: WebIDE) artefacts, like: Synonym, Flowgraph, Calculation-View ….


SAP Data Warehouse Cloud provides the capability to connect the HDI-container, artefacts and loaded data to a DWC Space from the DWC Data-Builder Editors (graphical View and SQL View) for immediate access without data transfer.

This scenario describes a close-loop-integration between external consumable DWC models as a source for SAP WebIDE projects – who are connecting to the according connectivity adapter & partner – and the according HDI-container cerated from WebIDE projects, to be assigned to a DWC Space for immediate access by the Data-Builder Editors.

Please treat this Blog-Post as a follow-up to the previous shared BLOG:

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  • Thanks Axel Meier for this very interesting blog! Thats 10 years of HANA development suddenly available for every DWC user. I am looking forward to use that feature in future implementations. Just a minor questio, if I may: is there a way in the WEB-IDE, to grant access to every consumable model (for WEB-IDE as well as for DWC) instead of defining all the models manually? Thanks and regards


  • Hi Sven,

    no, this is deliberately designed to require explicit grant access for each and every DWC model that needs to be consumed in WebIDE / HDI.