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 Hey, I am BSEG. I still exist in S/4 HANA along with my header big brother “BKPF”. In the earlier days of SAP, I have helped you to store line item details and we were kept in touch most of the time. But after S/4 HANA, ACDOCA backed with me. But I still exist in S/4 HANA.


 Most of you know very well that BSEG and BKPF helps to store most of the accounting header and line item entries These two tables are very handy with most of the SAP consultants

Business Scenario – S/4 HANA Innovations 

A) Is it BSEG Co-Exist with ACDOCA?

Yes. Everywhere in SAP, we could see ACDOCA is the center of discussion for so many items process like a universal journal, single source of truth, etc, In fact, that is true, but at the same time, one should note that ACDOCA is not made from BKPF & BSEG and both tables still exist.  As mentioned, BSEG still exists in the S/4 FICO data model but it does not contain all line items as it did in ECC. Fortunately, SAP has provided an easy solution to include almost any field from the FI document tables ACDOCA, 

B) Is it all Accounting documents updates BSEG and ACDOCA simultaneously?

No. Some of the Accounting Document updates BSEG and Most of the Accounting Document updates ACDOCA as a line item level. At the same time, not everything in ACDOCA is there in BSEG

C) What are all the Accounting Documents that are not updated in BSEG?

A document posted with Document Status “U” is no longer stored in table BSEG for good reasons (e.g. bigger package size, improved performance, etc. FI Document having document status ‘U’ (BKPF-BSTAT) are displayed with GL view only. For this kind of documents document header (BKPF) and GL line items (ACDOCA) are created but no entry view BSEG/BSG_ADD exists. Refer to this note on 2383115 for further information. 

Check the FI document posted in transaction FB03: click “Document Header”, review new field: Document Status “U” -Posting in General Ledger Only (field name BKPF-BSTAT = U)

The following processes create documents with BSTAT = ‘U’

  • Intra-Company CO transaction eg. KB11, KB21, CO allocations. 
  • Material movements which contain only statistical items with zero value (KSTAT = ‘U’)
  • Foreign Currency Valuations posted with FAGL_FCV or using the FIORI app ‘Post Currency Adjustments ( S4H 1610 or later and sFIN 3.0 / sFIN oP 1605)
  • GL Allocations ( S4H 1610 or later and sFIN 3.0 / sFIN oP 1605 )
  • Asset Depreciation Posting Run (AFAB, AFABN) with S4H 1809 and later.

SAP Reference Notes  

  • 2856765 – Depreciation posting to ACDOCA but not BSEG in S/4HANA 180
  • 2383115 – FI-Document created with document status ‘Posting in General Ledger Only’
  • 2297729 – No Entry View for some posting documents
  • 2431747 – General Ledger: Incompatible changes in S/4HANA compared to classic ERP releases


According to the SAP Notes referenced above one thing, we would understand is that BSEG has a long journey in S/4 HANA. Even though the long-term vision is that table BSEG will be used only for open item management – and postings that do not relate to open items will no longer create entries in table BSEG.

At present, SAP is not yet planning to remove of BSEG completely, but It is quite possible in future years, that BSEG gets removed. 

 Hey, I (BSEG) still in S/4 HANA. I hope you got me.


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      Author's profile photo Changlin Ke
      Changlin Ke

      Great posting.

      Summarized very comprehensively.

      Author's profile photo Ramzy Nashaat
      Ramzy Nashaat

      Hi Raja,

      thank you so much for this amazing article

      I have a question for you:

      Can we change the GL Group Account Number (SKA1-BILKT) in FS00 knowing that we have historical data on our system?


      Author's profile photo Noorul Qamar Khan
      Noorul Qamar Khan


      I dont thik this should be changed, even if the system allows it.


      Author's profile photo Ramzy Nashaat
      Ramzy Nashaat


      Author's profile photo Partha Sarathi Samantaray
      Partha Sarathi Samantaray

      Hi Raja Sekhar,

      This a great post. I have a query in this regard. I ran AFAB in SAP S4 successfully, but I don't see the line items in FBL3N for the depreciation GL. I can't even open the document in change mode. The document status shows as 'U'. Do you have any idea about it?




      Author's profile photo Noorul Qamar Khan
      Noorul Qamar Khan

      If you are working on 1809 or later, then the depreciation is posted as U, which means, it will not populate BSEG table , hence you cannot use FBL3n, try using FAGLL03.

      Source : OSS note : 2383115

      Documents posted with BSTAT 'U' are not displayed in G/L Account Line Item Display (FBL3N) which is based on BSEG but with G/L Account Line Item Display G/L View (FAGLL03 ).

      Hope this clarifies.


      Author's profile photo David Yang
      David Yang

      It's so interesting blog!

      Then for AR document, should I access the data from ACDOCA or BSEG?