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Author's profile photo Christian Hannemann

Debugging F110 (Automatic Payment)


If you ever tried do debug the automatic payment program (F110), you had realized, it’s not that easy like at other SAP programs. The reason is, F110 creates a background job, where the payment items are processed. There are a handful of ways, to debug your payment job, in the following I will describe one of them. Let’s dive into it and learn, how to do it …

How to debug F110

Breakpoint for XDEBUG

First of all, to be able to activate debugging for F110, you need to change a variable at the payment program. Run SE38 and navigate to program F110MAIN and search for XDEBUG.


set breakpoint the change XDEBUG variable

Create a breakpoint to stop at this program line.

Job Scheduling

Next step, you have to schedule your payment job into the future. This is necessary, to be able to run the background job in debugging mode.


schedule automatic payment


Background Job Debugging

Once, the background job is scheduled, run SM37, select your created F110 job and run command JDBG into the command-field. The same function can be selected under menu Extras / Debug Job.

select background job and run job debugging

Activate Debugging

The job will start immediately. Continue with F8 and the debugger will stop at your breakpoint created before.

Now you have to change the variable XDEBUG to “X”.


Now you can run the program to your code of interest, which you want to debug.

Final words

You can not debug F110 as easy as other SAP programs, but with a little bit of extra work, you get it done without any problems.

If you have any questions, feel free to use the comment section below.

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      Author's profile photo Michelle Crapo
      Michelle Crapo

      I loved this blog post.  Sadly I can only click like.  It reminded me of a trick I have long forgotten JDBG.   And that’s one that invaluable for debugging scheduled jobs.

      With that said – can you do me a huge favor?   Could you rename your blog post?   Something like “Debugging F110 and any other scheduled jobs”.   It might prompt more people to read it.  Some will be like me and long forgotten that trick, and some may read just to learn the JDBG debug.

      Excellent step by step and as always I love the screen shots.  I hope to read many blogs written by you.


      Author's profile photo Josemar Mendes
      Josemar Mendes

      This is a practical approach to debug F110. Thank you, excellent post

      Author's profile photo Victor Hugo Mena Garzon
      Victor Hugo Mena Garzon

      Muchas gracias por este excelente aporte!

      Author's profile photo rushana khan
      rushana khan

      Excellent Post

      Author's profile photo Xiangdong Wang
      Xiangdong Wang

      Hi Christian,

      Thanks a lot for the excellent blog post.

      Just one comment, as the normal authorization setting, it is not permit to change the variable XDEBUG to “X” in the system.

      As my experience, even if you can't change this variable, you still can continue to debug the program.

      Thanks and Regards,