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SAP S/4HANA Cloud : Developer’s pocket reference taking up Cloud Essentials Build

Cloud Implementation is catching up its pace in the market since small segment companies are going for S/4HANA Cloud Essentials Implementation. In this blog I will be focusing on what all technical person must know before working on Cloud Implementation.

First Question that comes to technical person mind is what all I need to know to work on S/4HANA Cloud Essentials – how the developments vary in On Premise/ECC and Cloud (We are only talking about S/4HANA Cloud Essentials here).

Now you can categorize the developments broadly in 2 categories- In-app Extensibility and Side by Side Extensibility and from skill set perspective you need ABAP + UI5 skill set to work on Cloud Essentials Implementation.

How is Traditional RICEFW done in S/4HANA Cloud Essentials?

Below table just gives high level view of how you will do the Developments in S/4HANA Cloud Essentials

Object Type Traditional Approach (ECC) S/4HANA Cloud Essential Approach
Report (R) ABAP reports (SE38)
  • Embedded Analytics using Fiori apps

— View Browser

— Analytical Query

— Manage KPI and Reports – ALP, KPIs, Story, Data Analyzer etc.

  •  And Out of Box OVPs and Stories
  • Side by Side app



Interfaces (I)



File, RFC, Web services/proxy, IDOC
  • APIs (REST /SOAP: preferred is using whitelisted APIs)
  • CDS over released CDS views /Custom BO Exposed (Custom CDS Views and Custom Business Objects Fiori app)

(Communication Arrangement set up is required to expose APIs /Custom CDS View /Custom BO)

Conversion (C) LSMW, BDC
  • Data Migration Cockpit
  • Whitelisted APIs
Enhancement (E) User Exit, BADI, BTE, Enhancement Spots etc.,
  • In-App extensibility only (Using Fiori app Custom fields and Logic)
Forms (F) Sapscript, Smartform, Adobe form.
  • Adobe Forms using In-app Extensibility preferred option (Standard data source, Customized layout)
  • SBS in case data required from multiple data sources
Workflow (W) ABAP Workflows (SWDD)
  • Flexible Workflow (SAP has delivered a set of pre-conditions and step conditions. We can define own pre-condition/step condition)
  • SCP Workflow

What all Tools you need to be familiar for doing developments in Cloud?

Well we all know that in Cloud you only get access to UI part (Fiori apps) and no access to GUI at all. Now for doing developments – developer has only access to In-app Extensibility Fiori apps and Sap Cloud Platform Services (for Side by Side Extensibility) you subscribed for.

Key apps that are Used for In-app Extensibility are shown below :


  • Custom Fields and Logic: You can use this app to extend standard Fiori apps /Data Sources /API’s etc. with Custom field if Business Context is available for the scenario. For more details on this app refer to very good blog by Rohit Khan listed here .
  • Custom Business Objects: In layman language you can consider them replacement of Custom tables in Cloud. For more details on it, refer my blog here
  • Custom Catalog Extension: This app is used to build UI over Custom Business Objects.
  • Custom CDS Views: You can create Custom CDS views over released standard CDS views. For more details on it, refer my blog here.

And for creating Reports /Dashboards you can use below Fiori apps including check standard OVPs available in Cloud

For more details on these apps – refer my blog here

For Data Migration, you should use Migration Cockpit as shown below

Apart from above Fiori apps, snapshot of other key tools that developer must be familiar with are listed below. Some key tools for Building Side by Side Extensibility apps (like SAP Web IDE or Business Application Studio). So if you are starting now you should definitely go for BAS as BAS is the successor of Web IDE.

  • SAP Extensibility Explorer : Explore SAP S/4HANA Cloud Extensibility options by leveraging the sample scenarios from SAP
  • Using Extensibility Cockpit: You can find if enhancement is available for your requirement / not.
  • SAP Cloud SDK: Using the SDK, you can reduce your effort when developing an application on SAP Cloud Platform by building on best practices delivered by the SDK
  • SAP build has been retired now and we have SAP Fiori tools for building mockup screens.
  • ABAP on Cloud can be used for building Side by Side Extensibility apps but that comes with additional license and cost. You can check the licensing cost in link provided below.
  • For Interfaces, API Business Hub, Postman and SOAP UI are key tools to find API for your requirement and then to test.
  • Fiori Library is used to find /check if app is available for certain functionality and what would be the role required to access that Fiori app.

Note : Cost plays an important role for SCP Services : You can estimate the cost of services you have decided using SAP Estimator tool

Summary: In this Blog I have tried to capture the details that will help Technical Community when they are working on S/4HANA Cloud Essentials Project for the first time.

For setting up Custom theme in Cloud , refer my Blog  SAP S/4HANA Cloud: Setting up Custom UI Theme.



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      Author's profile photo Kevin Prasanna
      Kevin Prasanna

      Well captured ; definitely would help anyone starting with Cloud for first time. Keep sharing .

      Author's profile photo Taranam Dhindsa
      Taranam Dhindsa
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Kevin

      Author's profile photo dinesh k
      dinesh k

      Good one ; keep sharing .

      Author's profile photo Taranam Dhindsa
      Taranam Dhindsa
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Dinesh

      Author's profile photo Harvinder Singh
      Harvinder Singh

      Nice article for someone like me taking first steps in development on cloud, keep sharing !!!

      Author's profile photo Wolfgang Mayer
      Wolfgang Mayer

      Hi Taranam,

      did you already come across requirements like "job/background processing of data" (not covered by SAP standard jobs/background processes), e.g. update fields on customer master data depending on sales figures?

      Thanks & regards


      Author's profile photo Taranam Dhindsa
      Taranam Dhindsa
      Blog Post Author

      hi Wolfgang

      We have come across requirements for performing certain action based on the events like in case Business Partner is changed send a mail - for this we have used Enterprise Messaging .Also Situation Handling is catching up where SAP has given some predefined situation templates

      If you have any specific requirement probably you can elaborate more on it.




      Author's profile photo Wolfgang Mayer
      Wolfgang Mayer

      Hi Tanaram,

      the requirement looks like this (assuming to be realized in SAP CP Cloud Foundry if there's no way to do it in S/4HANA Cloud essentials directly):

      • Fetch sales order data from S/4HANA Cloud essentials using API
      • Calculate customer classification (ABC) depending on sales figures
      • Update customer classification in S/4HANA Cloud essentials customer master data using API



      Author's profile photo Prisha Sharma
      Prisha Sharma

      Good one ; basics captured at single place . Keep sharing