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Author's profile photo Brandon Caulfield

ABAP LOOP AT… GROUP BY Statement | A Tutorial for 2020

Following on from the previous topic in the advanced ABAP series, where we looked at the REDUCE operator, quite a few people mentioned and asked about the LOOP AT… GROUP BY statement and how that fits in with the REDUCE operator.


There is a brilliant blog post (one of many actually) by Horst Keller where he describes the possible uses and benefits of the LOOP AT… GROUP BY statement and where it might be used in your own projects. I followed his example and tried to break down exactly how this statement works and how you might use it properly.



SELECT * FROM  spfli
         WHERE carrid = ‘…’
         INTO TABLE @flights.

DATA members LIKE flights.
LOOP AT flights INTO DATA(flight)
     GROUP BY ( carrier = flight-carrid cityfr = flight-cityfrom )
              ASSIGNING FIELD-SYMBOL(<group>).
  CLEAR members.
    members = VALUE #( BASE members ( <flight> ) ).
  cl_demo_output=>write( members ).
cl_demo_output=>display( ).


The basic idea is you get the data you need and then run through two LOOPs (they do not run as nested loops normally would). The first LOOP is where you use a key (which you can determine in a variety of ways) and isolate or build your groups. Then you use a second LOOP to run through the groups from the first LOOP and add your logic there by accessing the members of said group. In this case we simply displayed it in an output, but you could also do a host of other things with the grouped data,


The full solution can be found in the GitHub repo here.


If you have any questions, please feel free to comment down below and I’ll help where I can 🙂


Thanks for reading!

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      Author's profile photo Somnath Ray Chaudhuri
      Somnath Ray Chaudhuri

      Hey Brandon,

      Loved this absolute gem from you Group by Loop and successfully implemented it as well on spfli table.

      Now I need to re-engineer it to develop a AR Cash application report using BSAD and KNA1 table displaying Customer payments based on Reference column and doc type DZ and Invoices Cleared based on doc type RV or DR and clearing documents field AUGBL which are based on the reference column XBLNR.

      That is will need to group by Reference XBLNR and then clearing doc AUGBL right ?

      I could do it through Excel pivot tables successfully and could show you the concept if interested.

      It will be great if you can help.

      [comment moderated - please don't post private information]




      Author's profile photo Raghavendra Raghavendra
      Raghavendra Raghavendra

      Hi Brandon,

      Could you please let me know which tool you have used to create the ABAP code ?


      Please let me know.


      Best Regards,

      Raghavendra vasi