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How to connect SAPUI5 applications to On-Premise system – Cloud Foundry environment

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  • In this session, we will look at how to connect applications to On-Premise systems in SAP Cloud Platform – Cloud Foundry environment



  • In SAP Cloud Platform – Cloud Foundry environment, the connectivity functionality is broken down into 2 separate services (Connectivity Service and Destination Service)
  • The Connectivity Service and Destination Service together can be used to connect to On-Premise systems
  • The Connectivity Service acts as a standard HTTP proxy to connect and retrieve data from the On-Premise system



  • In this example, we will try and connect to the On-Premise SAP S/4HANA system from an application hosted in Cloud Foundry
  • We will use the connection details stored in the Destination Service to figure out where to connect
  • We will then use the Connectivity Service to make the actual connection and retrieve data from the On-Premise system


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  • This video should give you a clear idea on how to use the Destination Service and Connectivity Service together to connect to the On-Premise system
  • If you have questions or comments, please list them below and I will be happy to answer


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  • Dear Milton,

    Thanks for sharing this tutorial for connecting apps to premise system. It was very helpful. Can you also write an article on how to connect on-premise to AWS s3?

  • Hi Milton,


    Awesome Blog and great explaination for the usage od Destiantion and Connectivity Service. Helped a lot to clarify some of my doubts. One question that I had is about testing the connectivity service locally like you did in the Part 1 Video with the Northwind Service. Is it possible to define the cloud on-prem destination URL in default-env.json and run it locally using visual studio or in the BAS environment?