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Reversing a cleared Invoice(FBRA and FB08)

Understanding that SAP can require more than one step to fix an incorrect entry.

When working with daily accounting activitiy it’s not unusual for the occassional error to occur in data input.  SAP has many features in place to help prevent data input errors but there are times when something is post incorrectly and as a result requires a way to fix the posting.

Within SAP even if a document has been cleared there are steps one can take to reverse and fix the original error.  What you have to understand though, is that because of the integration between modules the reversal of standard SAP transactions can require multiple steps.

The process described below involves a payment and an invoice.  In this case a payment was made on a faulty vendor invoice so I will demonstrate first how to reverse the clearing document(the payment)  and then reverse required FI documents in order to get the accounting balances back to where they were before the faulty invoice was post.

Reversing a cleared document(FBRA)

There are times that after posting a clearing document you have to reverse the posting.  This work instruction will explain how you use t-code FBRA to clear the document.


Review Vendor Balance(FK10N)


  1. Vendor number
  2. Company Code
  3. Fiscal year being analyzed.

Click on to continue.

This is a simple one showing that invoices have been entered and paid in the same period.  Double click on the Balance field high-lighted in green to see the document details.

This shows that every invoice(Doc Type KR in the column “Type”) has been paid (Doc Type ZP).  The document NO column is the original Invoice or Payment document.  The Clring Doc column is the Clearing Document number which in this case is the same as the payment document number.  For this demonstration we want to cancel the 6,000 EUR payment so we need to reverse clearing document 2000000008.

You’ll notice there are two different t-codes.  FB08 is for reversing a normal FI document that is not considered a clearing document, whereas FBRA is used to reverse “clearing” documents such as a payment document.


  1. Key in document number
  2. Key in Company Code
  3. Key in Fiscal Year
  4. Now Click on
  5. When this pop-upappears then you almost always click on “Resetting and revers” rarely do you select “Only resetting”

You select Reversal Reason 04 since you can only post in the current period even though the original document was post in a closed period. Hit <ENTER> to continue

A pop-up first appears to state that 2000000008 has been reset and then you get this new document:

Now go to FB03 to vew the reversal document.

Here’s what the clearing reversal document looks.  If you click header button you’ll see the pop-up with the document header detail where I’ve high-lighted the original payment document that has been reversed.

Now go back to FK10N to view the vendor balance.

Double click on the amount highlighted in green to view the line item detail.

Now there is an open invoice awaiting to be paid.  If the invoice was the original problem then you move on to reversing the invoice document.  Since it is another FI document we can use t-code FB08 to reverse because it’s not a clearing document.

Reverse FI Document(FB08)

Now we want to reverse/cancel the original invoice document.

  1. Key in original document number to be reversed.
  2. Key in the company code and Fiscal Year
  3. Key in Reversal reason 04 again and a posting date in the current month.
  4. Then click on the Save Button to post the document.

Now let’s view the Vendor balance again using FK10N

The Vendor balance is now back to zero but we have two new documents.  The “KA” document is the reversal of the original invoice and the “ZP” is the reversal of the payment document.

This two step process is necessary because you are revearsing documents in both the MM Module and the FI Module.

The result

What this process shows is how integrated SAP is. It emphasizes that SAP does have tools to reverse incorrect postings and that there is a logical flow for the reversal documents.

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