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Miro : Payment block resolution by deactivating Item Amount check


While doing Miro posting, Message M8(075) could be raised because of various reasons. In this blog, I will explain about one of the reason i.e. Item Amount check.

In this Scenario, Item Amount check was active but no tolerance limit was maintained, which lead to payment block in miro.


Item Amount check can be deactivated at the following path.


Item amount check customizing path


Standard program locations to check

Since Message M8(075) could be raised in various scenarios, blocking reason can not be derived on the basis of this message. After many rounds of debugging, here are some standard code locations where the payment block problem could be checked

Function module MRM_INVOICE_POST triggers the payment block is therefore the most important location to check.



In the routine zahlungssperre_setzen, there are various flags which are checked and the value mrm_zlspr is set as A.


Routine zahlungssperre_setzen

In this Scenario the flag SPGRS for the invoice item was set to X in the function module on the basis of above customizing.



Payment block flag leads to the creation of blocked entry in the table RKBP_BLOCKED and the blocked message is shown during miro posting.



Code locations could be useful while analysing the payment block reasons in general, customizing is however applicable only if the Item amount check is not required.

If there are any questions , please comment below.



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