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Author's profile photo Lynne Lintelman

Shared Rules – A Hybrid Use Case with SAP Data Intelligence and SAP Information Steward

This blog introduces the first hybrid use case between SAP Data Intelligence and SAP Information Steward that gives the opportunity to leverage an on-premise deployment and connectivity from SAP Information Steward with SAP Data Intelligence Cloud.

Data stewardship solution provides data profiling, validation and quality rules, monitoring, metadata management, and information policy management capabilities to easily analyze, improve, and monitor the data integrity of your enterprise data. All while also gaining continuous insight into the quality of your enterprise information; and understand the impact of data quality on your processes and enhance your operational, analytical, and data governance initiatives.

In our shared rules hybrid use case, existing SAP Information Steward customers’ rules, rules they created, sent through an approval process, and are being used to validate data today can now be reused in SAP Data Intelligence. SAP Data Intelligence can reuse the same approved rules from SAP Information Steward for various new data sources, including cloud sources.  Check out this video, showing how quick and easy we can share rules from SAP Information Steward with SAP Data Intelligence.

Benefits of shared rules, include:

  • Enables validation and quality rules to apply to a widely expansive of on-premise and cloud sources and applications
  • Reusing existing rules substantial reduces the time to redevelop rules while gaining faster insight into quality and trustworthiness of newly added sources and applications
  • Improves governance and quality control by sharing, maintaining, managing, and governing all rules
  • Quickly start data quality initiatives with sharing of approved rules and burst computation with cloud deployment with pay as you go model

Shared rules hybrid scenario increases collaboration between users, as well as SAP applications​.  Give sharing rules from SAP Information Steward with your SAP Data Intelligence projects a try today and get that quick start to your data quality initiatives.  Keep your eye out for more hybrid scenarios between SAP Data Intelligence and SAP Information Steward.

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      Author's profile photo Julian Riegel
      Julian Riegel

      Hi Lynne,

      this is great news!

      I’m interested on how/where the rules are executed within DI. Do they share the same/similar engine and thus allow all operations that the IS is providing at the same performance (or better when it comes to big data volumes) – are there any exceptions?



      Author's profile photo Lynne Lintelman
      Lynne Lintelman
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Julian,

      For rules execution there are actually a couple of different execution paths that can happen.

      For sources (primarily databases) where Data Services supports them as a DS Datastore the rule execution happens within Data Services.

      For those sources (primarily cloud storages) where Data Services does not support them as a DS Datastore then the reading from the source happens outside of Data Services with flowagent/SDI functionality and sends it to Data Services engine where rules are executed.



      Author's profile photo Dennis Streichert
      Dennis Streichert

      Hello Lynne,

      thanks for the blog post and the demo.

      In your demo there were a huge validation rule for checking postal codes around the world


      As a consultant for Information Steward we often have to implement rules for our customers.

      Would it be possible to get the ZIP file from your demo, which contains the postal code validation, but also the other file with a big amount of other Information Steward rules?

      Do you also have a collection of rules for checking objects like business partners, material or finance?


      It would really help our customers, if you could share this rules with me.

      Thank you very much and best regards