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LMDB content Repair from SLD content in SAP Solution Manager

LMDB (Landscape Management DataBase) and SLD (System Landscape Directory) are very very important organs of SAP Solution Manager system to setup any technical or business configuration scenario/functionality. When any one of them is become inconsistent because of any reason, the configured setup gives misleading results in workingness.

The following mentioned LMDB related issues/symptoms may occur after system copy of Solution Manager System with separate ABAP and JAVA stacks. Sometime, when you check the LMDB synchronization connection property in solman_setup, it gives misleading message, which misguide us to update CIM and CR contents in SLD part of JAVA. The issues may start mainly after this action. The mentioned steps of this Technical Article will help us all to correct the LMDB from SLD in less time with quick steps and without referring multiple SAP Notes.

Technical Scenario under consideration :

The LMDB contents are become outdated from SLD and LMDB Synchronization is stopped.
New registered Technical system is not got registered in LMDB from data supplier SLD.
The SLD CR Contents are consistent.
You did everything to start synchronization between LMDB and SLD but it is not working.

Just follow the solution steps mentioned in this Technical Article to repair LMDB contents from SLD.

Symptoms (one or more):

How you will confirm that the LMDB contents are disturbed ?

  • Getting following error in Solution Manager while LMDB setup/reconfiguration/synchronization in solman_setup -> Infrastructure preparation

         “SAP CR Content version X.XX in LMDB lower than source X.X”    


  • The result of report output RLMDB_CR_CONTENT_HASHER for both LMDB and SLD has given the difference in content hash value calculation as per the following information:ABC is the calculated SAP CR Content hash for LMDB (ABAP part)
    XYZ is the calculated SAP CR Content hash for SLD (JAVA part)

  • LMDB synchronization jobs (SAP_LMDB_LDB_0000000001) are being failed in Solution Manager system with the following messages in job log :

    An exception of class CX_LMDB_CIM_ERR occurred

    Exception was raised in class CL_LMDB_SYNC_RUNNER (method RUN_INCREMENTAL_SYNC

    Object server name of source system changed from <old hostname> to <new hostname>


  • The job result of job RLMDB_SAP_CR_REPAIR_LMDB is showing difference in CIM Versions of LMDB and SLD in job log messages as following:“Different CIM versions ( target namespace: 1.6.57 / reference namespace: 1.6.59)”
    “CR Content Repair aborted due to differing models”

Why this happened (one of more reasons)?

  • System copy was done in Solution Manager system following with CR Contents and CIM contents update only in SLD part of JAVA stack of Solution Manager System.
  • The object server name was not changed in SLD after system copy tasks.
  • Sometime, the SecStore entries are also looking disturbed after System copy of Solution Manager System this will make failure of schedule background jobs for configured step user.

Solution Steps:

  1. (if it is required) Execute Report RAGS_SISE_GS_DEL_INVALID_PWD and clean up configuration data with invalid secure storage entries which is raised after system copy tasks
  2. (if it is required) Delete and Recreate LMDB Synchronization connection in solman_setup -> Infrastructure Preparation
  3. (if it is required) Check the object server of SLD and correct it as per the required hostname
  4. Execute Report RLMDB_SUP_MODEL_PATCH in dialogue mode as per sap note 1677210.This will synchronize CIM versions from SLD to LMDB and will resolve the CIM version difference issue. This will not take much time and output will look like the following output.

  1. Execute Report RLMDB_SAP_CR_REPAIR_LMDB in background as per sap note 1891566. Make sure this job should finish with the following output:

    Repair of CR Content successfully finished

  2. Check the job log of completed Job SAP_LMDB_LDB_0000000001. Now, this job should be finished successfully as per following output :Content synchronization finished successfully


In the case of System copy of SAP Solution Manager with host-name change, one may face any one or more of the above symptoms in post system copy tasks and the above mentioned quick steps will help to repair the LMDB content quickly from consistent SLD content without referring many sap notes.

Hopefully above mentioned steps will repair the LMDB Content in less time. For more information, one may refer the following SAP Notes as mentioned in the reference sap notes section of this technical article.

In anyway, the Final Output of LMDB configuration should have green status and it should look like the following screenshot in solman_setup without any warnings / errors:

LMDB is set up correctly

Reference SAP Notes:

SAP Note 1940068

SAP Note 2436191

SAP Note 1939864

SAP Note 1677210

SAP Note 1891566


Thank you.






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      Author's profile photo Thomas Winkler
      Thomas Winkler

      Thanks for this very important blog!

      Remark: One reason of the copied Solman's is:

      • the wrong Solman role approach from the beginning
      • I have seen at different customers very often the first solman was always the production system - no SAP Basis guy would recommend this in the ERP-system track!
      • The same criterias for a SAP architecture is valid here:
        • first install (and solman_setup) D/Q- than P-systems

      Cheers Thomas