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How-To insert an In-Cell-Chart into a SAC Story Table


This How-to Paper provides guidance on how to display a deviation in a table in the SAP Analytics Cloud in conformity with the International Business Communication Standards. This type of visualization is very useful because you can visualize a table together with a bar/column chart. The possibility of combining two different forms of data analysis/visualization in a table shows an enormous efficiency increase and simplification of the reporting itself.

Walk through

1.Create a Table with at least one measure

2.Switch to fullscreen mode for a better overview of the table

3.Select all Measures and Dimensions you want to visualize in the Table

4.Select a Measure you want to Visualize as an In-Cell chart in the table

Right-click on the measure column or row header in the Table and Select the In-Cell chart option. Each cell in the table of the selected measure displays a bar and a value.


Now as you can see the measure is converted into Chart inside the Table.

If you want to hide the bar chart just repeat the 4th step à right-click the measure header again and click on In-Cell chart.

6.Additional Formatting

right-click on the In-Cell chart to access the context menu where you can do some more adjustments like inserting a filter, setting new thresholds, or sorting the chart

7.Changing bar chart to a variance chart

Click on the column which includes the bar chart and open the builder. Select “Comparison” under the “Chart Structure”-Menu and select “Variance Bar” or “Variance Pin”.


All in all, the possibility to visualize deviations within a table is a very useful tool which can also be implemented very easily and quickly. The biggest advantage is that the conventional view of a table can be upgraded by a graphical representation and thereby the data evaluation can be displayed more efficiently.


If there are any uncertainties on this topic, I would be glad to receive your questions in the comments.

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      Author's profile photo Nina Kunc
      Nina Kunc

      Good to know! will keep that in mind. cheers,

      Author's profile photo Richard Johanson
      Richard Johanson

      Thanks for the step by step tutorial. Keep sharing such informative blogs My Balance Now.

      Author's profile photo Baghman Behbudov
      Baghman Behbudov

      Thank you Kevin for the blog,

      If we look at other Chart structures they are not active (grey) other than you show in the picture. Any reason for this?
      Meanwhile, customer has a requirement to have a bar trend by periods as a cell chart, case is imported model from excel. Any suggestion from your side?


      Thanks and Regards,


      Author's profile photo Aleksey Salinin
      Aleksey Salinin

      Kevin Kiss

      in-cell charts - that's great feature, but it seems to me that the Scorecard component is still missing.

      please vote if agree.

      Author's profile photo Vaman Kumar
      Vaman Kumar

      Hi Kevin Kiss,


      Nice explanation.

      Do we have any option to change to specific color code of the bar chart.




      Author's profile photo Kevin Kiss
      Kevin Kiss
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Vaman Kumar,

      currently there is no other way to customize the colors of an in-cell chart. My assumption is that it has to be IBCS compatible and IBCS only knows the colors green (positive deviation) and red (negative deviation).



      Author's profile photo Daniel Decsi
      Daniel Decsi

      In tables, using in-cell charts, it is possible to change the colors with tresholds. Here is an example of a blue Variance Pin and a dark red/dark green variance bar chart. But works only in tables, in-cell charts. On normal charts, additional variance bars / Variance pins cant be recolored from default SAC variance colors.

      Author's profile photo David Mark
      David Mark

      Thanks for this post, My problem got solved. Walmart Survey