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Author's profile photo Sudhir Lenka

Chatbot with SAP Fiori

Dear All,

In this blog post, I am going to explain how a Chatbot can be integrated with SAP Fiori.

  1. Introduction: Every organization wants to reduce cost and improve productivity. Do not you think it will improve the productivity if we simplify the interaction between employees and the application. As a manager if I can access data and requests to approve/reject from anywhere through a graphical tool by just asking some queries then it would be awesome. This tool is nothing but Chatbot.


  1. Use Case: Let’s say I am a manager in an organization and one of my roles is to Approve or Reject sales order request. So, whenever I get an approval request, I need to go to the system and find out that SO request and after reviewing it I take decision to Approve or Reject it, which consumes a lot of time. So, If I can do the same thing through the WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger or Chatbot then it would save my time and also it would be very convenient for me.


  1. Usage of Chatbot in SAP: – If you are aware about SAP then you must have heard about SAP Fiori. SAP Fiori is nothing but a browser/web-based application, which act as an entry point to the SAP system. Now-a-days most of the SAP end users use SAP Fiori for their daily work. So, I will explain here how a Chatbot can be integrated with SAP Fiori to make SAP users life easy.


  1. Technologies and platforms involved.
    1. SAP Conversational AI / Recast AI platform
    2. Node JS
    3. SAP Cloud Foundry. (Or NGROK)
    4. SAP UI5 and Fiori


  1. Architecture

[architecture diagram created/designed by myself]


  • SAP Conversational AI / Recast AI platform: – SAP Conversational AI is a platform provided by SAP where we can create, train and validate the bot.


  • Node JS: – One application will be created in Node JS and it will act as a middle ware to exchange data between Bot and SAP.


  • SAP Cloud Foundry: – It will be used as a run time environment for Node JS. Node Js application will be deployed onto Cloud Foundry by using CF CLI. If we don’t want to use Cloud Foundry, then our Node JS application can be hosted in our local system and it can be exposed publicly through NGROK which can be accessed in the Bot on the SAP Conversational AI platform.


  • SAP UI5 and SAP Fiori: We can create a simple SAP UI5 application by using the HTML code generated on the SAP Conversational AI platform. This SAP UI5 application can be integrated to SAP Fiori launchpad by using Fiori plugin enhancement feature.


  1. Output:




I hope this helps. Happy learning!!





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      Author's profile photo Hari Krishna
      Hari Krishna

      Hi Sudhir Lenka,

      Thanks for the post I have question  lets suppose that we  are accessing a Hana table from the data base and chat bot is answering a question  and the answer is purchase order # 1234 and in the response I would like to add a hyperlink(which is possible) to open Display Purchase Order,Fiori app  and as soon as i click it should redirect me to the purchase order #1234.Is that possible to pass the purchase order number to the Fiori app? and this is more dynamic depending on the purchase order# comes in the response


      Thanks in Advance

      Hari Krishna

      Author's profile photo Jia Chen
      Jia Chen

      Hi Sudhir Lenka,

      Thanks for the post. I want to develope the same frontend as shown in point 6. I integrated a popover button to SAP Fiori launchpad by using Fiori plugin enhancement feature. But I don't know how to integrate the chatbot into the popover like shown in the last picture? Can you give some tips?

      Thanks in advance!