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Accelerate SAP S/4HANA Migration with Broadcom and Infosys Continuous Testing Solution

This Blog Post discusses about the key challenges faced by customers while adopting Agile and DevOps practices in SAP S/4HANA implementation and the integrated Continuous Testing Platform that SAP customers can use to accelerate their SAP S/4HANA implementation.

I am writing this Blog Post for SAP Developers, Quality Analyst, Automation Test Engineers and Performance Test Engineers so that they can adopt the best of breed technology for Continuous Testing in SAP.

Now let’s discuss about the key challenges encountered in SAP S/4HANA testing and Continuous Testing platform offered by Broadcom and Infosys together to help SAP customers to embrace Agile and Devops practices.


Key Challenges in SAP S/4HANA Testing:

SAP S/4HANA will enable customers to transform their business processes to keep up with pace of digital transformation. Customers will have to adopt agile or hybrid agile approach to implement SAP S/4HANA in greenfield approach to accelerate time to market and realize business value quickly. SAP customers have been implementing SAP in Waterfall methodologies over four decades. Implementing SAP S/4HANA in Agile or Hybrid Agile brings unique challenges. Customers are poised to face the following challenges while embarking on SAP S/4HANA transformation program.

  • Long time-to-market due to repeated program delays that attributed to design gaps and critical defects identified very late in the program
  • Inadequate business process coverage in testing scenarios resulting in business disruption after go-live
  • Lack of Integrated tools and platforms to facilitate faster deployment and increase change frequency
  • High Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) in testing tools and services
  • Spending shift from CapEx to OpEx on testing tools and platform


Key Challenges in SAP S/4HANA Implementation


Broadcom and Infosys Continuous Testing Solution for SAP

The customers need to fundamentally transform implementation process, people and technology aspects to implement SAP S/4HANA successfully. This blog covers technology aspects of SAP S/4HANA program to highlight how customers can leverage purpose built Continuous Testing platform from Broadcom and Infosys to deliver SAP S/4HANA with confidence and innovate faster on SAP S/4HANA landscape.


Broadcom and Infosys Continuous Testing Platform Purpose-Built for SAP S/4HANA


Continuous Testing platform for SAP S/4HANA comes with the following integrated capabilities


Agile Program Management

Broadcom’s Rally is Agile Management tool – a data-driven, enterprise ALM solution that helps organizations achieve alignment across agile teams and programs, to focus on the outcomes that matter most.

  • Allow Teams to Work the Way They Want – Align teams and empower them to innovate, understand their impact, and stay ruthlessly focused on value.
  • Plan Quickly, Continuously and Confidently – Proactively manage dependencies and risks across teams, and “teams of teams” to create realistic plans that take change in stride.
  • Create an Outcomes-Oriented Culture – Make informed decisions about your investments. Plan execute and measure all your work against the objectives that matter. ​


SAP Business Process Modeler

Broadcom Business Process Modeler Aka Agile Requirement Designer (ARD) can help customers to achieve “Shift-Left” in test automation by automating test design and introduce test automation from first day of build phase. ARD comes with the following key features.

  • Improve Collaboration – build better requirements, enhance communication & requirements validation
  • Automate Test Creation and Optimization – maximum coverage with minimum tests cases to meet any coverage goal (functional testing, regression testing, smoke testing, etc.)
  • Automate Test Design – needed to execute the generated tests in any language for any framework
  • Analyze Test Coverage & Risk based on the business process changes to optimize testing scope
  • Automatically handle the impact of requirement changes – automated test suite maintenance
  • Identify & define data requirements via powerful data expressions to support both positive and negative testing
  • Integration with your existing tools – ALM, Jira, Rally, etc.


SAP Functional Test Automation

Infosys Open Source Automation (IOAP) framework in SAP Certified solution for E2E Business Process Testing. IOAP is an Intelligent Automation Solution that helps customers to achieve >90% automation coverage in SAP. The salient features of IOAP are given below

  • Open Source Based and E2E Business Process test automation for SAP and Non-SAP applications.
  • User Experience Validation – Supports cross browser and cross devices testing for SAP Fiori and other mobile applications
  • Supports interface testing and API validation to validate integration between legacy and third-party applications.
  • Accelerates test execution – Run time of IOAP is at least 40% faster than any other test automation tool
  • Seamless integration to Continuous Testing pipeline to


SAP Performance Testing:

Whether SAP S/4HANA is deployed on public cloud or private cloud, validation of application performance and interface performance is very critical to ensure application stability and scalability. Blazemeter from Broadcom combined with Infosys Automated performance Assurance solution helps customer to conduct stress, load, volume and endurance testing seamlessly. Performance testing solution from Broadcom and Infosys have the following salient features.

  • Open Source Based, Enterprise Ready Performance Testing solution for SAP and Non-SAP applications
  • NO INSTALLATION – Beginners and pros can immediately start testing. No set-up time, easy to adopt, and always up to date.
  • Make Business decisions for application Go-Live along with deep insight into performance metrics that can be consumable for further analysis
  • IMMEDIATE RESULTS & ROI – sees value in days, not months with real-time reporting and collaboration
  • Manage Tests and Visualization of execution outcome from anywhere, anytime and any device
  • Trigger Tests Automatically in CI/CD pipeline and publish the metrics (& report) spontaneously
  • Options to deploy load generators on-premise, private cloud and public cloud
  • Automate the migration of performance test scripts from other tools to Blazemeter seamlessly


Test Data Management:

Broadcom TDM solution comes with comprehensive test data management capabilities for SAP S/4HANA, SAP SaaS applications and other legacy applications. Broadcom TDM solution comes with the following capabilities.

  • Data Analysis: Profile and subset master and transaction data.
  • Data Security: PII data discovery and masking for compliance
  • Automated Data Generation: Generate test data synthetically – 90% Reduction in time needed to generate test data
  • Self-Service for Test Data: Find, Analyze, Reserve Test Data
  • Virtualize Test Data: Deliver data virtually with vTDM


Test Environment Management:

Availability of upstream and downstream legacy applications and third-party applications are important to validate E2E business process testing that transcend across SAP and Non-SAP applications. Often, legacy and third-party applications are not always available on time to carry out testing. It is imperative to have service virtualization to replicate the response from applications that doesn’t have dedicated environment for testing. Broadcom Service Virtualization will help customers to virtualize the constrained services. Broadcom service Virtualization will offer the following benefits.

  • Eliminate Wait Time: No more waiting for downstream systems to start test cycles and verify defects.
  • Minimize Test Data Setup: Eliminate the need to set up large amounts of data across multiple backend systems in lower environments.
  • Eliminate Test Data Burn: Eliminate the need to re-create and co-ordinate sharing of test data for planned cycles and defect remediation.
  • Negative Test Coverage: Provide the ability to test application behavior for negative/ exception scenarios.
  • Provide Stable Test Environment: Minimize testing delays due to the lack of a stable middleware or backend environments impacting the ability to develop and execute tests.


Continuous Delivery Director for Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery:

Agile and DevOps can be a reality in SAP (both ABAP and Non-ABAP systems) with Continuous Delivery Director (CDD). Automic Continuous Delivery is the world’s most intelligent Continuous Delivery-as-a-service platform which actively shortens cycles, reduces risk, and increases application quality. Used by enterprise DevOps teams and release managers, Automic Continuous Delivery integrates with the entire DevOps stack and provides seamless planning, automation, optimization and intelligence of your delivery pipelines, from user stories to production deployment. Equipped with enterprise-grade security and scalability, Automic Continuous Delivery makes the complicated simple

  • 360 Degree Comprehensive Reporting: View the end-to-end pipeline performance in terms of automation maturity and areas for improvement.
  • Performance Management: Gauge the performance of releases and troubleshoot issues and bottlenecks.
  • Make Informed Decisions: Get insights into test results to make more informed decisions on release risk and readiness.
  • Insights into Deployment KPIs – See the status of your deployments in production environments. Analyze deployment stats like frequency, change failure rate and cycle time.


Key Benefits of Broadcom and Infosys Continuous Testing Solution:  

Continuous Testing Platform purpose-built for SAP S/4HANA offers unique value proposition for customer. This platform helps customers to embrace Agile and DevOps in SAP and fundamentally transform the way SAP projects are delivered.

Achieve Key Goals:

  • Accelerate blueprinting workshops with pre-built business process models
  • Ensure 100% business process coverage
  • Intelligent E2E business process automation
  • Shift-Left in performance to improve customer experience
  • Automate continuous delivery pipeline – increase change velocity and frequency


  • Accelerate time-to-market by 25%
  • Reduce blueprinting and test planning effort by 25%
  • Reduce testing effort by 40%
  • Increase deployment frequency
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) in testing tools by 50%


Key Benefits of Broadcom and Infosys Continuous Testing Platform


Using this Blog Post, it will be easy for SAP implementation and Quality Assurance team to understand how SAP customers can implement Agile and DevOps practices using Continuous Testing Platform offered by Broadcom and Infosys.

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