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How to perform manual Load and unload of column store tables in HANA


Important tables which hold load status of column store table:M_CS_LOADS,M_CS_UNLOADS

As a continuation to my previous blog below, here are the screen prints as of how to load or unload a table manually inside HANA DB memory.


1.Status check of SAPERP.BSEG inside HANA memory as on date.

Way 1:select * from m_cs_tables where table_name=’BSEG’ and schema_name = ‘SAPERP’

Below screen we can see that BSEG has 7 partitions and each partitions have 159 million records and all these partitions are partially loaded .

Way2:Using Studio

2.In above we see that this table is loaded partially. Now Lets find out which columns are loaded into memory for this table.

Way 1:select * from M_CS_COLUMNS where TABLE_NAME=’BSEG’ and SCHEMA_NAME=’SAPERP’

This shows the status of each column and its status in memory. LOADED = TRUE means that this column is inside memory

Way 2:Using Studio

Studio->Find table-BSEG-Columns Tab

3.Lets fully UNLOAD this table from memory

Now the table M_CS_TABLES and M_CS_COLUMNS would have got updated .

Studio ->Catalog->Find table – BSEG

Memory consumption in memory has become empty and loaded state has turned to NO

4.Lets fully check if our UNLOAD reason EXPLICIT has got recorded in M_CS_UNLOADS

Now we see that the unload reason for this table which we triggered manually has got recoded!1

5.Lets LOAD this table partially

When I say partially we can either load only 1 partition for this table out of 7 in our landscape or 11 column alone.

a.Only 1 column alone from this table


Now M_CS_COLUMNS table status have got updated as below.

1.Now lets load the table fully into memory


In studio


Hope you understood how to manually load and unload tables in HANA DB!

Please leave a comment and suggestion and like if you find this material useful!






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