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Good to know- How to validate attachment document in C4C (Header or Item)

As an administrator, you can define additional document types for attachments. .. Follow these steps, making easy happening, and keeping your customer happy. J

In this blog, I show you this point:

  1. Select the relevant usage.
  2. Making the validation in CAS?!

Then, “souls to work…”


We need to attach three different types of documents in the ‘Attachments’ tab of the sales quote and validate that these documents were attach.


Administrator permission in scoping activities and access to Cloud Application Studio.

  1. Select the relevant usage for Sales Quote Header
    1. Go to Implementation Project à Open Activities List à Customer-defined document types for attachments (1, 2, 3)


      2. Define additional document types for attachments by usage. (4, 5, 6)

In this step, you need to repeat the process for each document that you need to appear in the header of the sales quote attachment.


     3. What kind of usages you can find?

In this table, you can find the usages available in the system. At the 2008 release, you have 17 options.

No Usage
1 Lean Invoice
2 Appointment (incl. Visit)
3 Phone Call
4 E-Mail
5 Task (Activities)
6 Sales Quote Header
7 Sales Quote Item
8 Contract Header
9 Installed Base
10 Installation Point/Registered Product
11 Lead Header
12 Opportunity Header
13 Sales Order Header
14 Service Ticket
15 Business Partner
16 Registered Product(Obsolete)
17 Unified Transport Management

    4. How to see the definition of the attachment made in step 2? (7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12)

Open a Sales Quote and select the attachment tab for add the files.


     5. Validation in Cloud Application Studio

    1. Go to In Validation-BeforeSave… and let me know if you want to know the step by step…

Useful link:


конец… Enjoy! 🙂


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