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Author's profile photo Anton Stanev

SAP Identity Management Customer Connection program delivers on promises

The SAP IDM Customer Connection initiative, which started at the beginning of this year and has seen great customer participation, is well underway. Time to take a look at our achievements so far! SAP has committed to a total of 12 improvement requests that we will be working on until the end of this year. The development team has already delivered 9 solutions.

So close to the finish line, isn’t it? Let’s see what’s been done so far. And, no, your math isn’t wrong, if you count more than 9 solutions. Along the way, we evaluated more requests and started delivering them, too.


Attributes missing in delegated approval tasks of type basic

Missing attributes in an approval task made it difficult for the approver to make an informed decision. This request has been addressed in SAP Note 2913210 – Approver has no access to delegated approval task.


Table Approvers of approval tasks type Basic should be filled

Approvers table that was either empty or not visible after switching tabs prevented an approver from seeing other approvers for a specific basic approval. This request has been addressed in 2913242 – Approvers table is not filled out for basic approvals


Search Form: Search entries using Reference Attributes

It was not possible to search for entries using entry reference attributes, even though these attributes were included in the search form. Now, you can do this, though in the Advanced search only. See 2950096 – Searching for entries using entry reference attribute is not possible


Web UI: Enhance tab “Historic Values” with the technical name of the attribute

Missing technical name of attributes made it hard to read historical values and distinguish between attributes with same display name. Well, not anymore. See 2924783 – Technical attribute name is not displayed on Historical Values tab


Eclipse IDM Editor – READONLY access to package config without check out

Accessing some package configurations in read-only mode was only possible after checking out the package. Now, you can check and copy configurations without checking out the package, see 2948314 – Enable copying of fields when a package is checked in


Eclipse – Allow Testing of Processes without Package Checkout

Testing a process along with its content in the Identity Management Developer Studio was only possible if the package was checked out. Now, you can test the process without checking out the package. See 2951301 – Allow testing of processes without package checkout


Concept & documentation: Global constants in IDM 8.0

After upgrading to SAP Identity Management 8.0, global constants are transformed into package constants and are located in the default package. For more information, see Global Constants in Post-Upgrade Results


Concept & documentation: Obsoletion of jobs, tasks and scripts

When a new version of a package is imported, jobs and tasks running at the time of the import, as well as those scheduled for processing in the provisioning queue before the package import, become obsolete. The same applies for scripts that are called from jobs and tasks. The concept of obsoletion as well as the affected tables are described in detail in Obsoletion.


Concept & Documentation: No repository context for tasks anymore through UI

In SAP Identity Management 8.0, it is no longer possible to select a repository for an action task. However, an option to remove or keep a repository for an action task after upgrade from 7.2 to 8.0 has been implemented and documented. For more information, see General (Action Task)


Concept & Documentation: Repository type constants

A repository type defines common parameters (constants) for all repositories of the given repository type. This brings advantages to the repository configuration process. The concept of repository type is described in Repository Types, Constants and Variables


We’ll continue to update you on our progress!

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      Author's profile photo Todor Petrov
      Todor Petrov

      Thank you, Anton! Great achievements this year.

      Do you have an estimate on the release of the S/4HANA connector and the new JavaScript engine?

      Author's profile photo Anton Stanev
      Anton Stanev
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks, Todor! We are planning to deliver rest of the improvement requests very soon - by the end of the year.


      Author's profile photo Alexander Brietz
      Alexander Brietz

      Many thanks for the improvements so far to you and the whole team working on it!

      But I have a problem with Concept & documentation: Global constants in IDM 8.0.
      Explaining how the migration of global constants is done is not a concept in my eyes.
      The improvement request was about how to deal with global constants now when they are not available anymore. I cannot find any answers or guides in the referenced passage of Post Upgrade Results.
      Could you please provide more details in this regard?

      With the description of Concept & Documentation: No repository context for tasks anymore through UI in the General (Action task) it is similar. On the having side the repository is now displayed on Action Tasks. But still missing is the concept of how to build processes using a repository context.
      Could you please provide more details in this regard?

      Author's profile photo Anton Stanev
      Anton Stanev
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Alexander,

      Package Constants topic is linked in the Post Upgrade Results topic. It contains information on how to retrieve package constant within the same package and from another package.

      Regarding Concept & Documentation: No repository context for tasks anymore through UI - following is documented: “As of version 8.0, repositories can be specified for processes.”

      Please, let me know if this information is not enough and you think we should further enhance the documentation.

      Kind regards,


      Author's profile photo Alexander Brietz
      Alexander Brietz

      Hi Anton,

      thanks for the quick reply. I thought with asking for the two concepts I made my point that I am still missing a concept that one could follow as a newbe in IDM as well as experienced consultant.

      If you regard the existing passages as decent documentation and concept I will live with what is there.



      Author's profile photo Matt Pollicove
      Matt Pollicove

      Just wondering, it's been a while since I've looked at IDM, has the issue of not reading source attributes from LDAP / DB sources been addressed or are we still required to manually populate?



      Author's profile photo Christoph Reckers
      Christoph Reckers

      Hi Matt,

      I work a lot with SAP IDM and I dont know what you mean with “not reading source attributes from LDAP / DB sources”.

      I use the LDAP and the DB connector (jobs, passes) in many projects and have no problem with it. I do not need “manually populate” attributes. Please make sure, that your configuration is/was not correct.

      If you need help you can explain this in more detail or attach a note or you OSS?

      BR, Christoph

      Author's profile photo Deva Prakash B
      Deva Prakash B

      Thank you Anton, for trying to deliver most of the improvements within this year, looking forward for the s4hana connector and also the new javascript engine.

      Below is the feedback or concerns which I have received or heard from multiple idm customers or developers.

      1. Road map of SAP IDM 8.0 as the maintenance has been extended until 2027
      2. currently no license applicable if sap IDM is used to provision user accounts to sap systems alone. if license can be exempted if Microsoft active directory is only non-sap application connected to IDM.
      3. Any future plans to support HANA DB?



      Author's profile photo Christoph Reckers
      Christoph Reckers

      Thank you Anton. I love to work with SAP IDM more and more. Good Job!