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Requested Delivery Date is accepted on a non-working day

For Sales Orders, it is possible to maintain delivery dates for days that are specified as non-working days, like weekends or holidays. This is possible when the user enters a Requested Delivery Date (or a Delivery Date on the schedule line) for a day that falls on a non-working date according to the factory calendar of the unloading point. When this situation happens, the user receives a warning message (V1019) informing the user that the date selected falls on a non-working day.

The Customer’s factory calendar is configured against the ‘Customer: Unloading Point’ in the customer master (app Maintain Business Partner).

In the example below the user will select a Public holiday as the ‘Requested Delivery Date’. The date selected, according to the calendar of his unloading point, is a non-working date. In this case, the user will receive the following warning message:

System will not automatically force the next date because it keeps open the possibility that the customer will accept the delivery on a non-working day. It is possible that the goods are important for the customer and so the customer is disposed to accept a delivery on a non-working day. This is the standard behavior.

When the user presses enter, they by-pass this warning message informing the system that they accept the goods to be delivered on the non-working date.

In summary, the user has two options:

  1. Acknowledge the warning and accept that it is their intention to enter a non-working day by pressing “Enter”.
  2. After reading the warning, the user realizes that they do not want to create an order with this delivery date and can manually change the Requested Delivery Date (or the first date field on the schedule line).

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