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How to use the RAP Generator

In this blog I would like to provide a short click-trough so that you know how to generate a RAP BO using the RAP Generator that I have described in detail in this blog:

In the latest systems I have already updated the RAP Generator and now it is possible to upload the JSON file using a UI. The new upload functionality is based on the blog How to Upload Data to SAP Cloud Platform, ABAP Environment by @rich.heilman .


  • Log on to a trial system
  • Create a package (e.g. ZRAP_####)
  • Add the package ZRAP_GENERATOR to your Favorite Packages.
  • Navigate to Connectivity –> HTTP Services –> ZRAP_GENERATOR.
  • Klick on URL
  • In the UI that opens you can
    1. use the Browse button to search for a JSON file that you have prepared and then
    2. press the button Upload File and generate BO.
  • After waiting for 1 or 2 minutes (if no error message shows up)
  • you will get a popup telling you that your RAP BO has been generated successfully




  • In the editor of your choice replace the values for following parameters to your needs
    • suffix
    • package

  • After saving be sure to change the extension of your file to *.json.

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    Today in my case when I followed the outlined procedure and I kept seeing this error

    Type of Parent is not UUID in 16 Bytes (Raw Format)

    i.e. message 039 of message class ZCM_RAP_GENERATOR

    I went and changed the first line in my json file  Implementation_type from "unmanaged_uuid" to "unmanaged_semantic" and hey presto

    it did generate the 12 objects under the ZRAP_#### (whatever you had to change this to) and I finally got the success message. See attached scrshot.

    Hope this will help others (encountering same difficulty). Cheers.


    • Hi Peter,

      sorry for the inconvenience.

      The problem is a small bug in the generator that I have meanwhile fixed and published on GitHub.

      In the code I checked for the domain to have the name of the released data element rather than checking the data element itself.

      What is left for me to do is to update the generator in the trial systems unless you do it ;-).

      Best regards,


  • Hi Andre,

    This tool is amazing. Thank you for your contribution.

    I have generated the objects referring to the Blog you have posted on Rap Generator, but I don't see the Connectivity with HTTP services. Any reason for this issue?


    Best Regards,


    • Hi Anselm,

      sorry, I have changed the behavior of the RAP Generator.

      Currently I am concentrating on letting the users use a class instead of a http service that uploads the JSON.

      I will update this blog accordingly.

      But I am thinking about providing a RAP object that you can use using the preview functionality so that you again would have a "UI".

      But stay tuned the ADT colleagues are working on a RAP Generator as well that, once available, can be started with a right click on a table in ADT.


  • Hi Andre.

    Thank you for your response on this.

    Will you be able to let me know on what I need to do to generate the HTTP service manually if so?

    Appreciate your response on this.