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Building a central Launchpad using SAP Launchpad Service – Integrating HTML5 apps

Note that this asset was created before our branding changes related to SAP technology were announced on January 2021. Note that SAP Cloud Platform Launchpad was renamed to SAP Launchpad service, and SAP Cloud Platform Portal was renamed to SAP Cloud Portal service

This blog covers the aspects around how you would integrate a HTML5 app (with managed appRouter) with the Launchpad service. The previous blog post focuses on how the HTML5 application is built using SAP Business Application Studio. The Launchpad service is available in the trial environment and you can get started following the instructions in the blog – “Start your free trial for SAP Cloud Platform Launchpad”. There is a  developer tutorials which will guide you on how to enable the service and setup a basic central Fiori Launchpad using URL tiles/apps.


Building a central Launchpad using SAP Cloud Platform Launchpad

Part 1 – Getting Started

Part 2 – Understanding the options around developing HTML5 apps in Cloud Foundry

Part 3 – Developing HTML5 apps

Part 4 – Integrating HTML5 apps with the Central Fiori Launchpad

Part 5 – Integrating 3rd Party apps with the Central Fiori Launchpad

Part 6 – Integrating chatbots with the Central Fiori Launchpad

Part 7 – Integrating with remote content providers


Once you have enabled the Launchpad service and configured it using the above mentioned tutorials, you should be able to access the Launchpad service and begin the integration of HTML5 apps. Navigate to the “Provider Manager” to fetch the updated contents.

In the Content Manager, navigate to the “Content Explorer” and select “HTML5 Apps”.

Select the HTML5 apps which you want to integrate into the central Fiori Launchpad.

You should now be able to see these HTML5 app as views in the “My Content” section.


From here on,  it’s the usual steps which you would follow. I have assigned this app to a Catalog.

I have assigned this HTML app to a Group

Finally assigned this app to “everyone” role

When I access the Launchpad, I should now be able to view the tiles and access the HTML5 apps within the Launchpad shell.

The HTML5 app is able to connect to my backend ES5 system and display the Sales orders. The HTML5 apps also is displayed within the Fiori Launchpad shell.

In the next blog post, I will show you how you could integrate 3rd party applications within the central Fiori Launchpad.

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  • Hi Murali,

    Thanks for the detailed blog. How do I specify a specific UI5 library version say 1.71.25 in central Fiori Launchpad for all my Fiori apps?




  • Hi Murali,

    Thanks for the nice blog.

    I am using a trial account and I can launch my app from the dev space using the Application Routes; however, it is not visible in launchpad content explorer. Can you please help .



    • In order to view those apps in the Content Explorer, you will have to deploy the HTML5 app as a managed app. Please check out the previous blog post on how to deploy such an app. In your scenario, you will have to convert your existing app to a managed appRouter.

  • Hi Murali,

    Do you know if it's possible while using SAP Managed Approuter to configure the application with 2 differents intents ?

    We tried to declare 2 intents in the manifest.json and then deploy the application but the content provider only displays one app and we don't have the possibility to modify the App in Central launchpad to precise which intent it shall use.


    • Hi Jeremy,


      I am also trying to achieve the same but could not possible find the right path as of now.

      1 app with multiple intents and different parameters with Cloud Foundry Managed Router Apps.


      Let me know if you get any clue on this.



      • None so far. Still digging.

        Only way found which is not what we want to do is to use a launchpad module inside our project and use this launchpad module to serve the app with 2 intents as declared in the manifest json.


        • Currently it is not possible to define multiple intents nor visualizations (tiles) for one business application. This is in the roadmap. Today, the only way to achieve the flow of 2 different tiles launching the same application is by defining the application twice (with different intents).

          • Hello Murali,

            First of all thank you for the very useful blog.

            We are considering moving from the Portal Service to the newer Launchpad service,

            However we face the same issue with the intent parameters. On the Portal we currently

            have 8 different tiles linked to a single business app, with 8 combinations of intents.

            Is there any planned date for the availability of this feature in the Launchpad service ?

            Thank you.


          • /
    • Hi Hari,

      For the content discovery approach, you need SAP Fiori Front-End Server 2020 for SAP S/4HANA.  If you don't have this version, you could try to manually integrate the apps. The steps are documented in SAP Help. If you get stuck, please raise a question in the forum.


  • Hi Murali,

    Can we have a different version for Fiori/SAPUI5 than the Portal itself.

    for instance, portal is always running on Latest version and we want to run our app on an earlier version due to compatibility issues?

    Looking forward for your kind response.

      • Thank you for the reply Murali,

        Can you see my question here and kindly reply of the possibilities?

        We are unable to change the UI5 version of our apps on cF Portal. It always points to latest version.


  • /
      • Hi Murali. Thank you for your answer. I have raised the question

        Today, I tryed again the tutorial in a new trial sap cloud platform foundry and I stuck in same step when my app doesn't appear in content explorer    🙁

        After deployment, Should I see the app in Sap Cloud Platform here ?

        • Thanks. I see Sibylle has picked this up and will be able to support with your query. With regard to your question above, deploying HTML5 Managed AppRouter apps will not reflect under Applications.

      • Hi Thomas, I found this blog

        I did the following changes and then I could see my app in launchpad htm5 content explorer:

        1. "Replace the instance with subaccount"
        2.  add in the manifiest "hideLauncher"

        I'm not sure if they had to do it. Can you give it a try and let me know?

        Thanks in advance

  • Hi murali,

    Can we connect On premise S4HANA FIORI apps to the central launchpad? We currently have an On prem FLP with all the corresponding roles and catalogs . Is there a way to move all this on central launchpad ? We want to have a central point for the on premise FLP as well as other Cloud applications like ARIBA, Concur , SF,C4C.

  • Hi Murali.


    Thanks for your detailed introduction.

    I have a question here

    Is that possible to have multiple central launchpad within 1 subaccount ?

    For example, a customer has 3 products , each product is in one space, and in each space, there are several MTAs.

    The reason everything is in one space is they can share the same security and sso settings and they can share HANA Cloud resource.

    When it comes to launchpad, there is also a need that different product want to have different title for the launchpad and they want to take owner ship of their own launchpad, and we don't see there is a need to combine them together, because they have totally different user.

    • Hi Steve,

      You can have multiple Launchpad sites in one subaccount. Each of these Launchpad sites can subscribe to different products and have different apps within the same subaccount.

  • Hello Murali,


    Thanks for the wonderful blog.

    I have created a Launchpad site in my SAP BTP CF environment. I want to show some of the apps as "links" and not the "tiles".

    Could you please let me know how to do that? (I browsed all settings/properties, but unable to locate anything)


    Warm Regards,


    • Thanks Amey. The ability to show links on Launchpad is currently only available for federated contents which are coming from SAP systems. There are plans to make this available when creating custom Apps/tiles in the Launchpad.

  • Hi Murali,


    this blog series helped immensely by converting from NEO to CF Portal.


    One issue remains, I can't seem to find a possibility to reset the ui5AppInfo.json/FDC-Cache. I recently renamed a custom library, but the portal does not pick it up and instead tries to fetch the old library. The ui5AppInfo.json does also contain the old name in the asyncHints.libs array.

    In NEO, I could tell the Site to reset caches, is there a way to do this in CF?

    I found a Github issue regarding the cli deployer, indicating that the FDC-Cache is out of reach whatsoever. Do you have any experience with this?