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Building a central Launchpad using SAP Launchpad Service – Getting Started

Note that this asset was created before our branding changes related to SAP technology were announced on January 2021. Note that SAP Cloud Platform Launchpad was renamed to SAP Launchpad service, and SAP Cloud Platform Portal was renamed to SAP Cloud Portal service

SAP Cloud Platform Launchpad service is a new service on SAP Cloud Platform (Cloud Foundry) which is primarily focused on the enabling customers achieve a central Fiori Launchpad. Thomas Hensel  has posted a blog “Boost user productivity and simplify access to business apps with SAP Cloud Platform Launchpad” introducing this new service.

It might appear to be similar to the existing Portal service which is also available in Cloud Foundry environment. Last year, I had posted a blog series on how one would build portal sites using the Portal service – Building Portal Sites on SAP Cloud Platform Cloud Foundry – Creating your first portal site. As you would have noticed, I had introduced the concept of the Central Entry point with the Fiori Launchpad in the blog series.

Building a central Launchpad using SAP Cloud Platform Launchpad

Part 1 – Getting Started

Part 2 – Understanding the options around developing HTML5 apps in Cloud Foundry

Part 3 – Developing HTML5 apps

Part 4 – Integrating HTML5 apps with the Central Fiori Launchpad

Part 5 – Integrating 3rd Party apps with the Central Fiori Launchpad

Part 6 – Integrating chatbots with the Central Fiori Launchpad

Part 7 – Integrating with remote content providers


What is the difference between the Portal and Launchpad service?

The key difference is that the freestyle capability has been removed from the Launchpad service. If you are looking to implement portal-like-scenarios (including collaboration and web contents), you should look at the broader SAP Work Zone service for building engaging, next-generation digital workplace.

If you are already using SAP Cloud Platform Portal (Cloud Foundry), you can continue to use it as all the enhancements for application integration are also delivered through portal service. The recommendation for new engagements is to either adopt the Launchpad service or SAP Work Zone depending on the requirements.

If you look at the roadmap, you will see these services tagged against each of the capabilities.

SAP Cloud Platform Launchpad service is also available both in Subscription and Enterprise Agreement models. You will be able to find the details in Service Catalog.


What is included within the Launchpad service?

As per the documentation, the below capabilities are included when subscribing to the launchpad service:

  • UI theme designer
  • HTML5 Applications managed by SAP Cloud Platform
  • SAP Cloud Platform Identity Authentication service (IAS)

What services do I need on SAP Cloud Platform to build and deploy HTML5 apps?

For all new engagements, ensure that you have the below services

  • SAP Cloud Platform Launchpad service – This service not only allow you to create a central Fiori launchpad, but is also required if you deploy HTML5 apps managed by SAP Cloud Platform.
  • SAP Business Applications Studio
  • Bandwidth
  • Custom Domains (Optional)

How to get started?

Aviad Rivlin has posted a blog announcing the availability of the Launchpad service in the Trial environment – “Start your free trial for SAP Cloud Platform Launchpad”.

When you get on to your trial environment, you can access the starter scenario to jump straight into the developer tutorials which will guide you on how to enable the service and setup a basic central Fiori Launchpad using URL tiles/apps.

In the next blog post, I will walk you through some of the recent changes with the way you develop HTML5 applications and how it is related to the Launchpad service.


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  • Hi Murali,


    Really nice blog series which explains different types of apps integrations into cFLP.

    Quick question this, what is difference between Portal Service and Launchpad service ?

    Currently with CF portal service also we can integrate the Remote applications by selecting respective destination and cloud see similar operations (content management, Site Directory) in both Portal service and Launchpad service.





    • Hi Satya, Thanks for your feedback. Portal service and Launchpad service will support the remote app integration and help achieve a central Fiori Launchpad. As mentioned in the blog, the key difference is that freestyle capabilities of building a site has been removed from the new Launchpad service.

  • Hi Murali,


    In the paragraph "What services do I need on SAP Cloud Platform to build and deploy HTML5 apps?" you don't mention application runtime. Does it mean that it is included in the launchpad service?





  • In my trial account when I search for the launchpad service in the subscriptions I am told "There are no services available". Not a heartwarming response!! In the Digital Experience category there are only 3 services available to me Doc Management - App, Portal, and Web Analytics. What do I need to update to get the Launchpad service to show up?





    Ross Goodman

    • /
    • Hi Ross,

      You can try these steps -

      enter your trial account--> entitlement -->entity assignment -->select subaccount--> go -->configure entitlement --> add service plans --> select launchpad --> add service plan --> click save.

      After this check in subscription.

    • Its generally available. Not yet available in trial. You can find the detail including a demo video here

      • Any update on trial availability for Workzone  Murali Shanmugham?

        It will be much easier for us to build and sell a business case if we can quickly PoC something in trial.  This is something we have managed to do with great effect for the Launchpad service recently


        • Hi David,

          I don't have any dates to share as to when Work Zone will be made available in Trial. I do understand that it becomes easy to sell a business case when you can quickly do something with it.