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Author's profile photo Joerg Michaelis

Guide on How to Configure Distribution Equipment in EWM

Today I would like to bring your attention a new guide which will help users configure their Distribution Equipment (also known as Tugger Trains) in their SAP EWM system.

Starting with the SAP S/4HANA 1909 release of EWM, we introduced a new functionality by which a customer can use distribution equipment to support multi-step supply of components to the Production Supply Area. The process starts with a warehouse request for a KANBAN (card) or an outbound delivery order for components or a production material request. A picker comes along and picks the goods into a rack whose type is predetermined in the warehouse order. During picking confirmation, the picker is asked to specify the position within the rack where he drops the product. Afterwards, the picker moves the filled racks to the loading preparation station. From there a loader assigns the racks to a Tugger Train. The route train driver then starts delivering to Production Supply Areas where he is forced to confirm the location and is guided to pick the product from a dedicated rack and position within the rack. The main benefit of this new function is the increased control over the supply process, as it provides full visibility on the process and the location of the picked products.

With the SAP S/4HANA 1909 Feature Pack 1 update, we continued enhancing the Production Supply by Distribution Equipment process. We have added new customizing by which resource types can be categorized as towing vehicles. Furthermore, we have also fine-tuned the process of assigning towing vehicles to distribution equipment. For more details on that, I recommend you visit our blog on the S/4HANA 1909 FPS01 release.

This year, with the SAP S/4HANA 2020 release we will continue the trend of improvements with regards to Distribution Equipment. For this upcoming release we plan to enhance RF picking, allow picking confirmation via a desktop transaction and much more. We will elaborate on these features in some upcoming content blogs closer to the product release, so stay tuned for that.

In order to ensure that our customers take full advantage of this offering, our Development Team has prepared a How-To configuration guide that shows in detail the process by which users can configure their Distribution Equipment in their EWM systems. This document supplements the existing Customizing documentation in the Implementation Guide (IMG) and provides additional information where required.

You can find the Integration Guide directly via this link: How to Configure Distribution Equipment in EWM.

Alternatively, you can access our “How-To Guides for EWM as part of SAP S/4HANA” wiki page for a full list of our current collection of technical guides, tips & tricks, do’s and don’ts for a variety of topics, which includes the Distribution Equipment guide.

For additional information about SAP Extended Warehouse Management, we provided a list of select online resources:

SAP EWM Community

SAP Digital Supply Chain Channel

EWM LinkedIn Community

SAP Best Practices Explorer

SAP Best Practices Content Library

SAP API Business Hub

SAP S/4HANA Cloud Community

Q&A regarding SAP EWM

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      Author's profile photo Alexandre Renou
      Alexandre Renou


      Thanks for this document !

      However, on the link to access to the best practices document, I didn't find the excel file to map all the storage types. Where I can find it?


      Thanks in advance.


      Best regards,



      Author's profile photo Matthias Ernst Keller
      Matthias Ernst Keller

      Hi Alexandre,

      The link in this blog seems to navigate to some PDF preview. If you open the document in a desktop version of a PDF Reader you will have the excel files attached to the PDF document. On this page you can download the PDF file: Its name is "HTG_Distribution Equipment_OfficialRelease_V1.0.pdf"

      Best regards,


      Author's profile photo Dwira Oktoriyanto
      Dwira Oktoriyanto

      Hi Joerg Michaelis, i am struggling to setup simple tugger train scenario like, Picking , staging , Loading and Unloading. after picking the system is not going with staging setup, can you please throw some more light on detailed setup of this scenario.

      i believe i am not able to download all the excel files attached to the PDF document as i can't find it when i open with PDF reader.


      Appreciate your help on this



      Author's profile photo Matthias Ernst Keller
      Matthias Ernst Keller

      Hi Ganga,

      when I open the PDF document HTG_Distribution Equipment_OfficialRelease_V1.0.pdf using the Adobe Acrobate Reader I choose in the menu View -> Show/Hide -> Navigation Panes -> Attachments. Then the attachements will be visible.

      Best regards,




      Author's profile photo Dwira Oktoriyanto
      Dwira Oktoriyanto

      Thanks Matthias, It worked for me appreciated your quick response!

      Author's profile photo Marc Dautreaux
      Marc Dautreaux

      I've spent several days to train on this feature, thanks to the Howto Guide.

      Something bothers me though, it seems that the DEP2 storage process 'Distribution Equipment (w/o Load) is not designed to work.


      DEP2 supposed placement on how-to guide

      The guide shows us OB01(PICK)>DE01(DDST)>DE03(DDUL) process steps sequence.


      Storage Process DEP2 customizing

      However, during the DDUL(DE03) step processing, the standard goes through /SCWM/CL_DD_DELIVER>PRECHECKS method which seems to determine if the HU is relevant for the DD delivery (actual unloading of sub HUs to PSA).

      Basically : if the pick HU (top HU) is not in DDLD internal process step, then it won't be processed for actual unloading. So it suggests that the loading step is mandatory in the sequence.

      What will be created instead is another intermediate WT on pick HU but not the actual DD-Delivery to PSA (1 WT on each sub HU).

      Am I missing somtething ? Is DEP2 really functionnal ?

      Marc D.

      Author's profile photo Tobias Adler
      Tobias Adler

      Hi Marc,

      Thanks for spotting this.

      Indeed, it looks like we have to rework the guide in this aspect. Please note that this will take some time.

      For the time being, I have to say that we did not use a DE process for picking goods from 6S01 via 6U01 to 6P50 in the example above. Instead the movement via 6U01 was modelled via layout-oriented storage control. Thus, it is rather ordinary picking than a DE process.

      I am sorry for the inconvenience. Perhaps the hint with LOSC helps also in your case.

      Best regards, Tobias

      Author's profile photo Marc Dautreaux
      Marc Dautreaux

      Hi Tobias

      Thanks for the quick feedback ! In this case, I'm looking forward to the updated guide !

      I still trying to understand

      • if the DEP2 is possible in a way or another.
      • if a "light" Distribution Equipment process without loading is possible (LOSC wouldn't help with heterogeneous destination bins).

      Regards, Marc.