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Author's profile photo Daniel Graversen

Upload from SAP CPI IFlow from your IDE

Sometimes it takes some time to write about the things we have created. We released this feature 1+ year ago so it was probably time to write about it. We had covered the Git part but not the plugins as standalone.

If you want to be editing Groovy or other artifacts for SAP CPI you have to use an external editor unless you just want to make a few small corrections to the code. You have a number of options like GroovyIDE.

If you want to use Git and your favorite editors like Eclipse or IntelliJ, you can edit the iFlows and upload the artifact to the flow manually. It does require some practice on the team to figure out which artifacts to change.

At Figaf we are working to make life easier for SAP Integration Developers with the Figaf DevOps Tools.

We had considered if using Git commit or other ways to make it easy for developers to send their code to the development system to run it. We did think about plugins to Eclipse or IntelliJ, but it would be a mess to maintain.

We found that Gradle was the best way to create tasks that allows you to perform something like it across all development platforms. Then advanced developers could create their own code based on this.

We have released the plugin as opensource so all developers can benefit from it. You don’t even need a Figaf License.  You can find it on Github.

Once you get it running you can see the following in your Gradle window. You will get all packages and iflows with separate tasks to run up or download.

And once you run the upload of a flow you get the following.

For the tool to work, you need to follow the proposed package structure and create the three config files. It is specified in the repository what is required. And you must all add the iflows into the settings package to work with them.

Once it is created you can easily share the repository with your coworkers and then can develop in it. You will need to find some procedures for developing in the tool.

Room for improvement

We are currently using the Web “API” because it is the only one where we can update a package without deleting the iflow. We do hope that if there is an update API we can revert to use it instead.

And then we need to find a way to support Cloud Foundry, with the same plugin.


API management

We have also created a plugin for SAP API management that will allow you to upload or download a proxy.  It is really useful if you need to make special modifications to the topic.

The Easy approach

By far the easiest approach for prefilling your Git repository is to use the Figaf DevOps Tool for SAP CPI. There is a free 30-day trial. Then you also got goodies like the runner of Iflows you can deliver integration much easier.

You can see a demostration on how to work with the Git repository and plugins here with the Figaf DevOps Tool.

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      Author's profile photo Fatih Pense
      Fatih Pense

      Hello Daniel,

      Thank you for sharing open-source libraries with the community. I believe Git is the best option for any code!


      Author's profile photo Kevin Wetzel
      Kevin Wetzel

      Hi Daniel,

      Thanks for the awesome plugin!

      I have one question. I've set it up and downloaded an integration flow with the downloadArtifact task. This worked fine but when I try to execute the uploadArtifact task I get an error. Even if I don't change anything on the previously downloaded flow.

      com.figaf.integration.common.exception.ClientIntegrationException: com.figaf.integration.common.exception.ClientIntegrationException: Error occurred while uploading value mapping: For input string: ""

      Caused by: java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: ""


      I am a bit confused because I am uploading a integration flow and not a value mapping.




      Author's profile photo Daniel Graversen
      Daniel Graversen
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Kevin,



      The error message is wrong, it always write value mappings. We will fix in one of the next releases.


      Could you send the stack trace to


      Author's profile photo Kevin Wetzel
      Kevin Wetzel

      Fortunately the issue could be resolved. The port of the CPI was missing.