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Start your SAP Launchpad service free trial today!

Following the announcement about the new SAP Launchpad service, I’m happy to update about the availability of the Launchpad service in the SAP BTP Trial environment, allowing you to build your Launchpad site, free of charge, on the public trial environment.

Enable your trial account in three simple steps:

  1. Create an SAP BTP Trial account though the following link
  2. Activate the Launchpad service
  3. Assign the Launchpad_Admin role to your User

Done! You can start using the Launchpad service in your trial account.

What’s next?

You can now build your first Launchpad Site, develop & integrate UI5 apps, integrate remote apps (e.g. Web Dynpro ABAP, SAP Gui for HTML), brand the launchpad, and more.


  • I highly recommended using the ES5 system, connect to your trial account and configure tiles
  • If you already have an existing SAP BTP Trial account, before activating the service you’ll have to configure Launchpad entitlement for your trial subaccount
  • Step-by-step mission guiding you through the process how to configure the Launchpad
  • Note that with the introduction of the Launchpad service to the SAP BTP trial environment, we have removed the portal service from the trial environment (for new trial accounts)

Let’s go! It’s learning time…

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    • Hi Aviad,

      thanks for the helpful blog.

      I was trying to complete the starter scenario "Deliver Your First SAP Fiori Launchpad Site" but the Launchpad Service does not show in my trial, therefore I can not subscribe to it.

      Only the Portal service is shown as alternative. Is there another way to activate this?

      Thanks for your support.


  • Looks promising. Is there a document describing the architecture?

    Also interested to understand how it caters the differences in login id of end users across different systems. Like for example khush123.bafna in Active directory and 19988227 as SAP login id. Currently we use SAP portal for single sinn on using AD id and map if with SAP id in portal itself.

    Thanks in advance.


    Khush Bafna.

  • Hello,

    when i start the launchpad i get the message since last week:
    Die Website wurde leider nicht gefunden.
    Bitte wenden Sie sich an Ihren Website-Administrator, um Unterstützung zu erhalten.
    in english:Unfortunately the website was not found.
    Please contact your website administrator for assistance.
    I unsubscribe the launchpad (all data where delete) and subscribe new - the same problem.
    How can i start the launchpad?
    Thanks in advance
    • I checked in my trial account (in EU10) and it works as expected. I also didn't hear about this issue from other people.

      Can you try to close/delete your trial and open a new trial account? Not a nice work around - but maybe it will help in your case.

      Please let me know.


  • Update: following the blog (above) and the notice about the removal of the Portal service from trial, please note that this will take effect starting October 22 for new trial accounts. Existing trial accounts will be able to continue using both the Launchpad and Portal services.

  • Hi Aviad,

    I have created the account in SAP Cloud Platform Trial .  I would  like to subscribe to the portal service. I have only see the Launchpad service .  But in my account i didn't get the Portal subscription and  Theme designer  subscription  .
    I would like to Create  Own Portal Freestyle Site and show it to my client . Is it required the Neo account for getting the portal service ?
    I didn't see the Neo train account in ""
    How can I Create  Own Portal Freestyle Site ?
    Kindly provide the information
    • Hello,

      We recommend focusing on the Launchpad service (and not portal service). For freestyle sites, the recommended service is SAP Work Zone, which is not yet on trial.



      • Hi Aviad,

        Thanks for the helpful blog.

        Portal Service is completely replaced by Work zone in product version also or Portal service available in full stack version.


        Thanks & Regards



  • Hello Aviad,


    We are about to begin a new CF Project. Is it adviceable to use the Portal Service or Launchpad service? And what benefits do Launchpad service provide us over Portal service?


    FYI, we have already subscribed to Portal services for couple of current projects.




  • Hello,

    For new projects we recommend using the new SAP Cloud Platform Launchpad service. In case you already started a project, you may continue using the portal service while please keep in mind that no new capabilities are planned for the freestyle sites hence we recommend focusing on the Launchpad Site template.




    • Thanks for that information Aviad. I think its best not to use Portal service. We have one other doubt.

      We see there are two ways to create launchpad site,

      1. Using Launchpad Module in SAP Business Application Studio
      2. Using this Launchpad service

      Could you please tell us whats the difference between these two methods? Which is more preferrable way of creating the launchpad?




  • Launchpad Module is a developer centric approach for developing the launchpad; the Launchpad service is an admin + developer approach. The recommended approach is with the Launchpad service.


  • Dear experts,

    I am very new on SCP and trying to get a trial on Launchpad. I have followed the role assignment but I think I am still missing sthg.

    When I click on “Go to Application” from Launchpad, I get “Access Denied” as a message in the tab and the page shows: "Sorry, we couldn’t find the site. Please contact your site administrator for assistance"

    I have captured my role assignment below and we can see “Launchpad_Admin” is attached to my user.

    Would someone know what I am missing? Thanks a lot,



    • I recommend following this step by step tutorial: - I assume/hope it will solve the problem.


  • Hi Aviad,

    I had subscribed for the Launchpad service in the SAP BTP environment. But When I am trying to deploy my application I am getting a error like this;

    Service operation failed: Controller operation failed: 404 Updating service "portal_resources_ZAssignment" failed: Not Found: Error creating service "portal_resources_ZAssignment" from offering "portal" and plan "standard": Service plan standard not found."

    Since portal is not in picture anymore why am I getting a error regarding this portal thing while trying  to deploy my  Application. Can you please suggest a solution for this so that I can deploy my Application.