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Programmer’s Day Mission 2020

Learn about Programmer’s Day and how you can take part in a fun conversation that will earn you a special mission badge here on the SAP Community.

Update Fri 11 Sep 06:20: The mission is live! Head over to the Coffee Corner entry Mission: What’s your favourite programming language, and why?  now and add your comment.

Two hundred and fifty six. A nice round number. If you’re a programmer, of course. 256 is 2^8, or the next number after all the bits in a single byte have been filled, i.e. where 11111111 (255) flips over to 100000000 (256) in binary. A beautiful number.

So it’s fitting that we celebrate the Day of the Programmer each year on the 256th day of the calendar year, which in 2020, a leap year, falls on Saturday 12 September. If you live in Russia, you’ll probably get a day off, because it’s recognised as a professional holiday there. But if not, you’ll have to be content with a happy conversation about your favourite programming language, which we’ll have during that weekend, over in the SAP Community Coffee Corner.

As Marc Andreessen said, “software is eating the world”. Some of you might subsequently point out that Jeff Atwood said that “any application that can be written in JavaScript, will eventually be written in JavaScript” (now known as Atwood’s Law) – and I know that this will please some of you, and horrify others.

But anyway, as software’s role in our lives continues to expand, it’s perhaps nice to stop and reflect on the the craft.

Here’s how to take part in the Programmer’s Day Mission 2020 and earn yourself a cool badge.

Between Fri 11 and Sun 13 Sep head over to the entry “Mission: What’s your favourite programming language, and why?” in the Coffee Corner of the SAP Community and add a comment to that entry, telling us what your favourite programming language is, and why.

And that’s it! Let us know, in the comments to that Coffee Corner entry, what your favourite programming language is, and give us a good reason why, and you’ll be on the list to receive the Programmer’s Day Mission badge. But take note – the window for adding your comment will be closed at the end of Sunday 13 September, whatever that means in your timezone.

Good luck and have fun!




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