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Settlement Profile Configuration

Introduction – 

The settlement profile is a prerequisite for settlement process flow.

In this blog post, will try to cover parameters related to the Settlement profile configuration.


Settlement profile configuration

Parameters for configuration explained as below – 


  1. Actual Cost/ Cost of Sales
  • To be settled in full – Object needs to be with value 0, before close status or deletion flag.


  • Can be settled – Only warning message, when Object is set to close status or deletion flag, if the balance, not 0.


  • Not for settlement – No message, when you set the close status for the object or deletion flag, even if the balance is not 0.



  1. Valid Receivers
  • Multiple options available, as an example – WBSE, CC, Network, FXA, G/L, Sales order, Material, Profit segment, Order, Order Item, etc.


  • Choose “settlement not allowed” – To exclude the receiver from settlement rule


  • Choose ” can be settled “ – Can include receiver in settlement rule.


  • Choose ” Must be settled “ – Must include receiver in one settlement rule at least.



  1. Default Values
  • Allocation structure – Used to Allocate cost posted/incurred on a sender by cost element or cost element group.


  • Source structure – It is used to split costs posted by cost element, further settle costs incurred on the sender to various receivers.


  • PA transfer structure – Used to transfer, FI posting to Profitability Analysis. In PA transfer structure relevant accounts are assigned to value fields in Profitability Analysis, through assignment lines.


  • Default object type – Default receiver object type for the rule



  1. Indicators
  • 100%-validation – Set this indicator. The system issues a warning when total is <> 100%. Else, system issues a warning, when the total is > 100%.


  • %-Settlement – This indicator, allows the use of costs to be settled, distributed in percentage.


  • Equivalence Numbers – This indicator, allows the use of costs to be settled, using equivalence proportion.


  • Amount Settlement – This indicator, allows the use of costs to be settled, using Amount.


  • Variances to Costing Based PA – This indicator, allows variances to pass to Costing Based PA during order settlement.



  1. Other Parameters
  • Document type – Doc type for Settlement


  • Maximum number distribution .rules – Maximum number of distribution rules for each settlement rule. The settlement rule is a combination or else comprise of distribution rule. No Distribution rule, no settlement!



Note – In the last step, assign the project profile to the settlement profile.



Conclusion – 

This blog post highlights the config parameters of settlement profile. In the next edition will cover the process flow of settlement.



Aditya Sibal

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      Author's profile photo Nathan Genez
      Nathan Genez

      All you’ve done is copy the most basic F1 information from each field. Isn’t something this basic already in the Wiki?

      Author's profile photo Aditya Sibal
      Aditya Sibal
      Blog Post Author

      It’s not a copy, these are predefined features of sap.

      which I have tried narrating in my words, in a simple manner.

      So I could have been more descriptive, but that wouldn’t have made any sense.

      Rest I am open to improvement points.
      Will consider, if logical..........