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User status control in SAP PS

SAP PS User status Functionality


1. Introduction

This Blog Post is about the user status function in SAP-PS.

SAP provided standard system status, in order to fulfill business requirements. Whereas, user status function plays a very important role in order to fulfill those requirements, which cannot be mapped through system status.

This blog post is divided into 2 parts (Configuration & Process Flow).

In the below example, I will display, how commitment (PO) can be blocked by using user status function,

2. Configuration

Path : SPRO->Project System->Structures->Operative Structures->Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)-> WBS User Status->Create Status Profile

  • Create a status profile, as in below scenario TEST001
  • Here have created 3 user status INIT, EXEC & CLSD

  • Add object type, in our case it is WBSE

  • Double click on user status INIT

  • Press create button, below screen, will appear

  • Here we have opted block PR & PO
  • As explored many features are available

  • INIT user status PR & PO blocked

  • EXEC every transaction allowed.

  • CLSD user status PR & PO blocked

  • Assign status profile to the Project profile for WBSE, as above.


3. Process Flow


  • Create project & WBSE Element
  • For WBSE (39-01) user status INIT active
  • PO blocked as below


  • Now change user status for WBSE (39-01) as “EXEC”
  • No error message of user status for PO, as it is allowed for EXEC status & wbse has user status EXEC. Screenshot as below



User status can be used for many purposes, like :

  • Tracking the life cycle of the project
  • Block business transaction
  • Workflow trigger
  • Override System status

In the above Blog Post, have tried highlighting a few of them.



Aditya Sibal

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